Aside 16 Jun

There is something much more hurtful about the words “wrongful death” than “malpractice”.

Aside 12 Jun

I think I just developed a crush on Seth MacFarlane…

Aside 6 Mar

Left hanging by not one, but two friends this evening. Fabulous.

Aside 3 Mar

I think I’ve discovered a topic for my next video blog, and it wasn’t something I’ve even ever heard of prior to today. Be excited. Be prepared.

Aside 28 Feb

I would make sweet, sweet love to David Duchovny. And by “sweet, sweet love” I mean I would fuck him so hard.

Aside 19 Feb

Need advice? Have a topic I haven’t covered (or one you’d like more information about)? Interested in my opinion on something? Want to hear me talk (video blog) about a topic?

Tell me! Email me at, or just comment! Feel free to be anonymous!

Aside 1 Feb

I wouldn’t expect anyone to understand this. Every year I wish a fellow whom I haven’t talked to in about 4 (maybe 5) years “Happy Birthday”. Not sure why I do it still. But I do.