Aside 5 Mar

Confession time:

I want to walk into a house and instantly feel an overwhelmingly ominous presence (because it’s haunted).

Aside 17 Feb

Confession time:

I just want someone to kiss me, touch my boobs, and tell me I’m pretty.

Aside 31 Jan

Confession time:

I feel bad when I’m being trained and I know more than the other people there.

Aside 29 Jan

Confession time:

I like to pretend I’m a model in a photo shoot when I go grocery shopping.


Confession Time

30 Nov

Confession time:

I’m always worried that I’m going to become really good friends with a couple, and that they will ask me into a three-some, or some other weird swingers shit.

Aside 2 Sep

You know what I want? Deep conversation.

The kind of conversation where the rest of the world melts away, and time just stands still. The only thing that exists are you, the other person, and the words between you.

That’s what I want.

Aside 24 Jun

I just heard feminism supported in the best way I think I’ve ever heard.

People confuse a change in power with equality.

Equality is not women having power over men, nor is it men having power over women. At best, it is about the individual having power over oneself, but really…it is about being EQUAL. You know…it is in the name after all. “Equality”

Aside 16 Jun

There is something much more hurtful about the words “wrongful death” than “malpractice”.

Aside 12 Jun

I think I just developed a crush on Seth MacFarlane…

Aside 6 Mar

Left hanging by not one, but two friends this evening. Fabulous.