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Upholstered Ottoman: Quickest DIY Ever

22 Feb

If you ever read about any of my DIY projects, then you probably know that they are time-consuming and takeĀ forever for me to finish. Well, I found one that took me only a few hours for a few days and I finished it.

I recently moved into a new place, as some of you know, and thus decided to switch up the decor of my living room. This is the inspiration:

turquoise and yellow

The fun part is that I have nothing that matches this. SO I had to get creative because I also don’t have tons of money laying around to buy things for this color scheme. This was my old ottoman:

It got handed down to me about 5 years ago, and then about a year and a half ago I got a dog. That chewed up section happened one night when he got bored. Originally, I was going to just reupholster it in pleather like it is, but then I moved and it went into storage. Now, I had a reason to finally complete it, but that pleather is no more!

I’ve never done this before, but I just went straight to it. This is after I unscrewed the screws and took the top off:

And you can see the brand new rug that I bought. Thirty dollars at Ross for that beauty! I was so excited. There was a black panel to cover up the staples and things, so I had to remove that. I used a flat-headed screw driver for that – they probably make a special tool that I don’t know about and is over priced – but the screwdriver sufficed. Then, I opened it up to reveal this:

I was not expecting this at all, but it actually made a lot of sense and was quite useful when I got down to the tufting part.

And then, there were a million staples to remove to get the actual upholstery off the ottoman.

So, I grabbed my rotary cutter, andĀ cut the upholstery off.

Worked like a charm.

Then I made my buttons. I kind of half-assed it, I’ll admit. I could have bought new buttons and actually did it the right way, but I figure no one will see the back of the buttons, so I hot-glued the fabric to it. They came out cute, though.

I guess I forgot to mention – the fabric I’m using is a yellow floral damask with gray parrots on it. The one that ended up being the focal point of the ottoman looks like its sneezing for some strange reason, but I love him the best anyway.

The tufting was actually the hardest part. I don’t have pictures because it’s hard to show the process, but it required a lot of finger strength. My needle was probably too short and narrow for the upholstery process, but I made due. There were already divets in the foam where the buttons previously sat, so I didn’t even have to do any measuring.

And then I marveled at my work.

And decided that I did desperately need to paint the legs.

So I did. Took me 4 coats of paint, and I’m sure it could use another if I so desired. I decided to use a flat paint, because I’m not a huge fan of glossy white furniture – always reminds me of a child’s room.

All finished!

Disregard my now dirty rug. It’s amazing how messy DIY things can be. And here is my sneezing parrot:

She adds whimsy!

What do you think of my finished project? Ever reupholstered anything before – how’d it go?