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Swimsuit Season

8 Jun

I went shopping today in hopes of finding a newer, cuter swimsuit than the one that I have now. Something maybe a little more flattering.

All I found was disappointment.

Some suits had cute tops, but hideous bottoms. Other bottoms were cute, but not the right size. And then there are the tankinis that are too short, and the one-pieces that make you feel like a grandma. Cover-ups were too short, or too long, or too tight, or too opaque (really…what’s the point of even wearing a cute swim suit if you are going to cover it up?).

I’ll never understand why it’s all so difficult. Or why most cover-ups are tops, and not bottoms. If you are uncomfortable wearing a bikini top and need to cover it up, why don’t you just buy a tankini? And if you are uncomfortable wearing a one piece, how is that different than wearing a shirt? And isn’t it safe to assume that you are uncomfortable wearing what is practically underwear? That’s definitely the area I want to cover up…

All rhetorical questions (ish). And slightly cynical, for which I apologize. Long day.

How do you feel about swimsuits and swimsuit shopping? Bikini, tankini, one-piece, or other? Would you ever rather wear a one-piece instead of a bikini, but feel like you’ll be judged for it?

My First Refashion!!

5 Jun

So not only is this my first refashion, but it is my first tutorial on WordPress! How times have changed. Well, hopefully you enjoy, and will be a little inspired by me. First, I should mention where my inspiration came from. This very awesome lady can be found here. She was doing refashions each day  for a year, and I can’t even describe how awesome they were!

Second, I found this print and instantly I knew that I wanted to do a rockabilly something of sorts. This is where I drew my inspiration from:

The halter part of this just spoke to me, and matched the pattern I found exactly! So, now that that is out of the way, lets begin!

So, I found this skirt for $3.99 at Goodwill. The pattern popped out at me, and with all the fabric of a skirt, I knew it would be a good first refashion!

But, it the only color it came in is “Shapeless 90’s skirt”, and we just couldn’t have such a great pattern on such a terrible article of clothing, now could we?


So, for my first order of business, I had to cut that elastic waistband off. I’m not sure how you even wear an elastic waistband, to be honest.

I cut just below that final seam. Then, I had to cut excess fabric off. I knew I wanted to make it into a shirt, and I knew I wanted a “baby doll” similarity to it, so I measured from just under my bust, to a little further down than where I wanted it to sit. I folded the “skirt” (more like shapeless piece of cylindrically-sewn fabric) into  fourths so that I could [hopefully] cut the fabric straight, in the easiest way possible.

 Quite a lot of excess fabric to play around with. First, I needed to take in the sides of what would be the bodice of my shirt. It needed to be fitted at the top, so I put it on my home made dress form (no tutorial for that, but I have pictures to make one of you would like to see how I did it) and pinned in the sides. Then, I sewed it up and cut it off.

The next part was a little tricky, but I cut squares out of the excess fabric, put them on the dress forms boobs, and folded to make a triangle that would cover my boobs. I actually used the bottom seam of the skirt for this part, so I wouldn’t have to sew an entirely new seam. Now, it was time to tack them on and see what things were looking like.

I also used ribbon to see how high up the triangle needed to sit so that the halter part would lay flat. Another note…I didn’t want a plunging neckline, so I put the innermost part of the triangle off-center on the opposite side. I used that triangle to cut out another triangle, and sewed them on. Of course, I had to make sure they actually fit my boobs. (Pardon the cleavage)

It was at this very important step that I realized I forgot to put darts in the triangles to actually make them boob-shaped. My bad! I should have done this before I attached them to the shirt, but I forgot. Darts would have been easiest from the bottom, at least in my opinion.

Here is the dart I made. I kind of just winged it, but the fabric hides it pretty well anyway. When you make darts, make sure your seam meshes almost flawlessly with the folded edge of the fabric, or you’ll get “weird pointy boob” effect.

Then, and I apologize for not having a picture of this, I put bias tape around the entire top of the shirt (the back top seam, the side of the triangles, etc). I couldn’t find anything about 1 to 1.25 inches, so I bought the 2 inch stuff, folded it, and sewed it on both edges. And, voila!

One new shirt! It didn’t come out quit like the inspiration picture, but overall I’m happy with it. Not bad for a first-timer, though.

What do you think of my first refashion? Might you be inspired to try your own?

Goodbye, Summer

3 Sep


There are lots of different indicators of when summer is over. Some say its over when school starts. Some say its over when it gets cold. Some say its over when fall equinox hits. Others count the last day of summer as Labor Day.

Labor day is tomorrow, and because many summer things will be over (like paddle boating), I’d like to make an official goodbye to summer. I’ve found this one to be an especially enjoyable summer, and I did quite a few things that I set out to do. There are some things I didn’t get done though, like swimming in the reservoir (hopefully that will happen tomorrow), climbing Horsetooth mountain, and then there is the ever-elusive summer romance.

What are some things you accomplished from your summer to-do list? Did you find your summer romance? Any plans for fall and winter?

Tubing the Poudre: An Adventure

8 Aug

It isn’t any secret that I love to go tubing, and go every summer. Usually, I wait until August because the river is shallow, but not too shallow, and the warmest its going to get. I don’t stay in for very long, but there is always a lot of excitement and a lot of laughing.

After waiting all year to get back in the river in a tube, I decided to go today with my friend, Jessica.

Poor choice.

After the fire that ravaged Poudre Canyon, the water was murky with the ash. As we got closer to the river, it was quite obvious that the water wasn’t the best quality, and as we situated ourselves in our tubes, we realized we faced a bumpy ride. I’ve never been in the river when it was that shallow before.

Right away, we (or at least I did) faced troubles. Our first set of rapids caused me to get stuck on a rock and I lost my shoe. In my attempt to get it back, I got stuck on another rock, and flipped myself into the water. Jessica kept floating on, and managed to grab my tube while I was stuck flailing in the river. I bounced off multiple boulders, and ended up with scrapes on both knees, and a banged up arm. When I finally freed myself from the rapids, I had to climb onto the rocky bank and over to where Jessica was resting.

We continued on down the river past another rapid, while trying desperately to avoid hitting ourselves on rocks. When we finally reached the first beach, it was reasonably smooth floating, and the people playing in the water there were nice enough to have grabbed my flip-flop and returned it to me. Just moments later we found ourselves on more rapids, but we navigated them reasonably well. The last set of rapids didn’t defeat us either, and was quite enjoyable (although just as scary as the others).

Jessica and I finally reached our finish point, and paddled to the shore. I put my flip-flops back on my feet, and jumped off my tube. I instantly sank a foot in the ash that had settled to the bottom of the river. It was one of the most disgusting feeling I’ve ever experienced, and I immediately starting moving to the shore. With every step my feet sank almost to my knees. I lost both of my flip-flops because of the suction and eventually, for lack of options, began to tear at the beach with my hands in an effort to move faster. When I finally got out of the water, I found that the beach still had the sinking quality of the river bed. My hands and my feet were covered in black, sooty mud and my shoes were gone forever.

Jessica’s attempts were better received. She climbed closer to the bank, and only sank slightly compared to what I had to power through.

Kindly, she let me use one of her flip-flops (which was even nicer considering the state of her smashed toes), and we made the trek back to the main beach. I, immediately, ran to the shallow water, and sat on a rock to allow the river to wash away the massive amount of mud I had collected. It was a flawed solution, but better than nothing.

Once I was decently “rinsed” we climbed back in the car and headed into town. After eating at Verne’s, we went back to her place to part ways. As we were talking, I looked down and noticed that something was in my swimsuit. It turned out to be a charred piece of what I can only imagine was a tree, about the size of a dime. Upon further investigation, I noticed that the inside of my swimsuit was a massive amount of black ash and the charred remains of the forest.

At home, I got into the shower and took my swimsuit off. Before I even removed my board shorts, the water was murky. When I finally peeled off my swimsuit, handfuls of ash fell out. They covered my body from head to toe, and as they washed off, they collected and made an effort to block the drain.

It was really an adventure for the storybooks, and we laughed harder than I’ve laughed in quite a while, but both my plans to go tubing tomorrow and on Sunday are cancelled indefinitely. Hopefully, next summer will prove to better tubing conditions. And we both survived.

Do you have any memorable tubing experiences to share?

Summer Lovin’ [A Few of My Favorite Things]

11 Apr

Warm summer nights

sitting around the campfire

exploring places lost to all and known by some

sitting by the water

driving without a purpose

the wind through my hair

the sound of dusk

a mourning doves call

watching the stars

summer dresses

flip flops and flowers in my hair

the sound of cicadas and crickets in the air

letting the river take me

long days

the twitter of the meadowlark

taking a stroll without a care in the world

All things I love about the summer. A few of my favorite things in this life. Blog inspired by my friend, Joel.

What are a few of your favorite things? What do you like about summer? Whats your favorite season?