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The Dog Fight

9 Nov

It never seems to fail – no matter how hard I try trips home tend to be dramatic.

Last time I visited home, I slept in my car after being cornered by my sister’s dog, who for some reason seems to be the only dog in the entire world that hates me. Of course, I bring my dog with me, so we keep them separate.

This time when I went home, my sister’s dog just happened to be only about a week shy of being full-term pregnant. My mom also decided we should let the dogs play. Never mind that I work in animal behavior…no one seems to think I have any clue about what I’m doing when it comes to dogs.

So against my better judgment, I decide its okay to introduce the dogs, and all was well enough. My mom decided to take them into the living room, and for whatever reason I didn’t think to follow (probably because I was talking to Dad).

Only a few short moments later, I hear a fight break out. Instinct kicks in and I tear out of my mom’s room, through the kitchen and into the living room where a full-blown dog fight has broken out. My mom was trying to get in the middle of the dogs meanwhile my nephew was pushing her out of the way (literally), and everyone else just decided it was okay to watch.

Jazz, being a pretty good dog, tried to stop fighting once I started yelling, but her dog wouldn’t let up. Amidst everyone telling me not to, I reached in and picked up my dog to remove him from the situation, but because everyone else thought it was better to just watch, her dog grabbed hold of Jazz again.

Once again, no one seems to think I have any clue what I’m doing, because they kept telling me to stop.

Which is when I got fed up and yelled at them that I know what I’m doing and to grab Ivy’s back legs. Like I said, once I grabbed Jazz’s butt he completely stopped. Unfortunately, even once they grabbed my sister’s dog, she wouldn’t let go of my dog’s neck, so we had to pry her off.

And in all of an instant, I look down and see blood on Jazz’s head and splattered all over the floor, so I pick my dog up and take him into my old bedroom. His neck was soaked and I was expecting the worst after the hold the other dog had on him.

Lo and behold…I got a bloody nose even before I reached the dogs and bled all over the place. Had I walked out of my room and into the street, you would think I got a real good beating – blood all over both arms, my shirt, my neck, smeared on my faces and dripping down my lip. Jazz’s neck was soaked only with doggie saliva.

As it turns out, both dogs were largely unscathed. Apparently, the quick exertion mixed with the much drier air and probably dehydration gave me a nose bleed when I got up and ran, which I thought was a runny nose. It bled and bled and bled, and even into the next day I was still getting blood from it. Everyone was freaked out by the amount of blood in the living room before they realized it was just my nose.

I still don’t know what everyone would have done had I not been there. And I can’t believe my nephew pushed my mom out of the way twice.

Ever had something like this happen? How are your family gatherings?

Inspiring Stories – Not My Inspiration

28 Feb

Yesterday I was listening to the radio in the car with a couple of friends, and the female DJ mentions “a story that is so inspiring you won’t want to miss it.”

I mention to my friends that I never find these “inspiring stories” all that inspiring – and it’s true!

Okay, so you made it around diversity. You are the first female whatever it may be. Or the first gay so and so. Or you’ve overcome your disability. That’s great, really! But to me…it’s either never really remarkable or it’s never really attainable.

Maybe I just can’t relate.

That’s not to say I don’t get inspired by people – I do – it just isn’t these stories that people make bad decisions, and overcome them, or lost a limb and can run now, or grew up in a bad part of town and are now rich.

My inspiration comes from stories about normal people, doing really normal things, and feeling really normal ways. I just watched a show about this young married couple who bought their first home and were ecstatic. Their emotion made me well up.

Have you heard those commercials talking about adopting a foster child, and how you “don’t have to be perfect, to be a perfect parent”? Those inspire me so much and make me want to spend time with my kids…and I don’t even have kids!

Even people doing things that they are already good at inspire me to do what I love.

I guess what I’m saying is I don’t need extraordinary things to inspire me – normal is good enough.

What inspires you? What’s your favorite inspirational story?