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My Fairy Tale

3 Jul

My fairy tale isn’t filled with a Prince Charming, sweeping me off my feet unexpectedly, and galloping away on his white steed to a faraway castle living happily ever after (which includes what I’m not sure – probably 14 children and 7 mistresses, but that’s just speculation).

My Prince Charming is a little less charming and a little more socially awkward with a dash of shy and a bit of introvert. Our white steed is us walking up the road a bit to the general store to get ice cream push-pops and soda, because we forgot to go shopping [again]. My happily ever after is laughing with each other and at each other, and being goofy and spontaneous, and travelling the world together, and trying that new restaurant we’ve never eaten at, loving our pets because children are gross, and staying up late because we don’t have to get out of bed the next morning, and surprising each other with breakfast anyway. I’ll make him soup when he is sick, and he’ll rub my tummy when it’s my turn. I’ll beat him at every game we play, because he has actually won probably about half, but who is keeping score anyway?

We will be the perfect team.