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I Need Your Help!

12 Aug

I feel like it’s time to revamp my blog. It’s been a good few years since I did such on Xanga, and when I created this one I stuck with the same basic theme.

My tagline, however, is from 2005. I was…15…

I’m having trouble deciding if I should keep my current format so that everything I do, everything I want to do, everything I think and say are kept in the same blog (like they are now), or if I should expand and begin dividing my attentions.

One blog, which shall remain nameless until I make my decision, would be my main stuff – life events, questions, thoughts, relationships, etc.

The other blog, which has yet to be named, would be a space for fashion, tutorials, sewing, DIY, food, pictures, and things of that nature.

So…help me out. Whatcha thinking?

My First Refashion!!

5 Jun

So not only is this my first refashion, but it is my first tutorial on WordPress! How times have changed. Well, hopefully you enjoy, and will be a little inspired by me. First, I should mention where my inspiration came from. This very awesome lady can be found here. She was doing refashions each day  for a year, and I can’t even describe how awesome they were!

Second, I found this print and instantly I knew that I wanted to do a rockabilly something of sorts. This is where I drew my inspiration from:

The halter part of this just spoke to me, and matched the pattern I found exactly! So, now that that is out of the way, lets begin!

So, I found this skirt for $3.99 at Goodwill. The pattern popped out at me, and with all the fabric of a skirt, I knew it would be a good first refashion!

But, it the only color it came in is “Shapeless 90’s skirt”, and we just couldn’t have such a great pattern on such a terrible article of clothing, now could we?


So, for my first order of business, I had to cut that elastic waistband off. I’m not sure how you even wear an elastic waistband, to be honest.

I cut just below that final seam. Then, I had to cut excess fabric off. I knew I wanted to make it into a shirt, and I knew I wanted a “baby doll” similarity to it, so I measured from just under my bust, to a little further down than where I wanted it to sit. I folded the “skirt” (more like shapeless piece of cylindrically-sewn fabric) into  fourths so that I could [hopefully] cut the fabric straight, in the easiest way possible.

 Quite a lot of excess fabric to play around with. First, I needed to take in the sides of what would be the bodice of my shirt. It needed to be fitted at the top, so I put it on my home made dress form (no tutorial for that, but I have pictures to make one of you would like to see how I did it) and pinned in the sides. Then, I sewed it up and cut it off.

The next part was a little tricky, but I cut squares out of the excess fabric, put them on the dress forms boobs, and folded to make a triangle that would cover my boobs. I actually used the bottom seam of the skirt for this part, so I wouldn’t have to sew an entirely new seam. Now, it was time to tack them on and see what things were looking like.

I also used ribbon to see how high up the triangle needed to sit so that the halter part would lay flat. Another note…I didn’t want a plunging neckline, so I put the innermost part of the triangle off-center on the opposite side. I used that triangle to cut out another triangle, and sewed them on. Of course, I had to make sure they actually fit my boobs. (Pardon the cleavage)

It was at this very important step that I realized I forgot to put darts in the triangles to actually make them boob-shaped. My bad! I should have done this before I attached them to the shirt, but I forgot. Darts would have been easiest from the bottom, at least in my opinion.

Here is the dart I made. I kind of just winged it, but the fabric hides it pretty well anyway. When you make darts, make sure your seam meshes almost flawlessly with the folded edge of the fabric, or you’ll get “weird pointy boob” effect.

Then, and I apologize for not having a picture of this, I put bias tape around the entire top of the shirt (the back top seam, the side of the triangles, etc). I couldn’t find anything about 1 to 1.25 inches, so I bought the 2 inch stuff, folded it, and sewed it on both edges. And, voila!

One new shirt! It didn’t come out quit like the inspiration picture, but overall I’m happy with it. Not bad for a first-timer, though.

What do you think of my first refashion? Might you be inspired to try your own?

McCalls Evening Dress: A Journey Through Sewing A Dress, From Start to Finish

24 Apr

This is an archived set of posts from another blog that I have. I’m going to put all of them into this one page, separated by the days that I worked on the dress. If you want to skip forward to a different day, use control+f to search for the next day. Enjoy!

Sewing an evening dress, a 9 day adventure.

Day 1:

Today was officially the beginning of my work on an evening dress.  I will be wearing my dress on January 14, to Colorado Springs when I will be eating with a few of my friends from high school.  Originally, I hadn’t planned on making this dress for any special occasion, but because I wanted a black dress.  Then, an occasion arose and what better time to start, especially because I received a sewing machine (my first, I might add) for Christmas this year.  I’ve also added a title to this blog.  The first title. Ever. Epic, right? Maybe not so much, but its working toward redoing the blog.  Anyway, from here on out, you can look forward to seeing the steps for my dress as I work through it, pictures and all.


Here is my working station (and the floor surrounding..I tend to work better on the floor ANYWAY).  Its small, but it fits my purpose just fine.  This is my new sewing machine as well (thanks Mom and Dad).


I’ll be using 2 different patterns to create my dress.  The reason I began making clothes was because I couldn’t ever find anything that fit my figure well, so now that I found something, I prefer to stick to it. I’ll be using McCalls pattern M6030 for the bodice top.  I opted for a sweetheart neckline because I think its not only really pretty, but I’m putting an overlay halter over it.


This is McCall’s pattern M5292.  This is the pattern I used to make my first dress, and I really like the fitted midriff.  It accentuates that area, without clinging to my hips, so I’ll be using the bodice and skirt from this pattern.


This is the material I’m using for the dress.  I think its a toned down enough pattern that I can use it on the whole thing (I’m pattern shy).  It’s a basic calico.


This is the material for the lining of the dress.  Its going to be fully lined, just because I feel that its better that way.


This is the tulle that will be poking out of the bottom of my dress.  I’m going to sew it in between the lining and the outer skirt, but only the few inches that will be seen, which saves time and money (versus sewing a whole skirt of it).


And this is what I’m using for the overlay. Relatively cheap, and I got it for half price.  It was a last minute idea, but I believe it will look nice.  Its not in either of the patterns, and I have a separate other pattern that shows something similar, but I don’t know if I will need to use it.  All I’ll have to do is gather it at the base, then sew it in between the bodice and midriff.  Sounds simple enough, right? I’ll be honest..I have no clue what this material is called.


This is the combination of all 4 fabrics, even though you won’t actually be SEEING the lining.  Nice, right?


These are all the cut out pieces of the patterns.  1-4 are from 6030 and 4 and 5 are from 5292.  The patterns are a little small for my liking (they would probably fit EXACTLY to where they need to be), so when I cut them I extended 3, 4, and 5 a few inches just so I have some wiggle room.  This allows me to better tailor the pattern to my body for that one of a kind fit. They are pinned into place over once folded calico.


And this is the finished cut out pieces.  There are two of each, and I probably could have shown what they look like separated, but at the moment I was completely happy NOT separating them from the pattern pieces.  In the meantime, I already pinned them all together to make the bodice, and tried it on for size to make sure I was on the right track.  Everything fit nicely, and tomorrow I don’t go into work until 4:30 so I’ll have some time to perhaps do this exact same thing on the lining, which I’m not going to post in the blog..since the only large difference is that it is a different type/color of material.  Then I suppose I’ll start the actual sewing.

Day 2:

Worked on my dress again this evening.  I didn’t necessarily feel like it, but I only have so much time to churn this thing out.  The pictures are a sign of this, as they are more artsy than actually portraying what I did tonight.  I figured that would be more entertaining, considering I only cut out the front of the skirt and the lining of the whole dress.  I need to go back to Joanne’s tomorrow to get more fabric for the rest of the skirt because I cut out the small parts first, and didn’t have enough room to cut out the big parts.


Cutting out the front of my skirt.


The front of my skirt, cut out, and in front of me as if I am wearing it.


Pinning the front of the skirt to the lining of the front of the skirt so I’m able to cut them out the same size.  The lining fabric is extremely slippery, so I had to use tons of pins.


Pining all done.


And then I pricked my finger.


But life goes on. This is a great place to keep pins when you need to use your hands.


This has no real relevance to anything.  Maybe to show how many pins I have to use to keep the lining fabric from moving (and I probably could have used a couple more).  The only reason I took this picture is because it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland meets Nightmare Before Christmas, and I really liked it.


This looks really cool to me, and not like what it actually is.  This is the level of scraps from the pattern and material after day 2. Its not a whole lot, but a bit.


And this is a dress makers wheel, and apparently you use it to mark where you need to cut, but I’ve yet to figure out how it actually works. If you know, pray tell, because I’d love to use it.

And thats that.  Got something done, but not a whole lot.  I don’t know if I will have a chance to get anything done tomorrow before or after work, but I will hopefully get the majority of my sewing done on Friday when I have my day off.

Day 3:

My computer just crapped out on me.  Internet froze and then I tried to fix it and then of course my attempt failed, so now I have to rewrite the part of this blog I had pllreng pictures to facebookthe middle of uploading pictures to facebook because apparently there is a monthly limit for how many pictures one can upload onto Xanga, and I usd up all of them within the last 4 days.  Thats how many days its been since I began working on my dress.

I only have 2 more days off of work before the debut of my dress, so hopefully I can get most of it done on my day off tomorrow, because the next day I have off is the day before the day of the debut and that is cutting it awfully close.

So other than that, I have a little story.  When cutting pieces of whatever it is one chooses to make, its always best to start with the largest pieces, and the cut the smaller pieces from the remnants.  This way, the amount of fabric can be maximized, the waste minimized, and you can save money by not having to s lazy and didn’unt of fabric.  Well, I was lazy and didn’t want to cut my skirt out first beceuse it required special attention: I needed to make it not only longer, but bigger around.  I didn’t feel like doing that right off the bat, so I cut the bodice and midriff out first (the bodice is the part over the boobs, and the midriff is the waist…just to put to rest any confusion).  Last night I ran out of not only lining fabric, but the part that you actually see.  This wouldn’t be an issue, but when I purchased the fabric originally, there were only a couple small pieces left.  Hoping that there would be enough to cut out the back pieces of the skirt, I went to Joanne’s today before work.  There was the exact amount that I needed, but I had to use the remnants from two bolts.  Had there not been enough, I have no idea what I would have done to remedy the situation and finish the dress. Anyway..alls well that ends well.

Tonight I finished cutting out the remaining pieces of the lining and the dress, with many breaks in between, as you will easily see.


The white road map that tells me where to cut when I add length or width to a pattern.  I added about 4 inches to the length of the skirt, which is likely unnecssary because it seems very long when I hold it up to my waist. I also added about 12 inches to the waist so that Ihave some wiggle room to make sure I can tailor it to fit me.  I feel uneasy when the pattern seems to fit exactly right, because then I can’t make it any larger, and because the argest size of this pattern has smaller measurements that mine, I say better safe than sorry.


This convenient little tool could have came to great use to me and much it for.  For some reason I had n could use it for.  For some reason I had no idea what I would ever need this for, then all of a sudden it just hit me. DUH.


I got the fabric of the skirt cut out, and have it laying here on top of the lining. Because I changed the dimensions of the skirt, it is easier to cut it out like this, rather than trying to estimate the measurements of the changed skirt.  Its especially important they match up, just because it can be a huge hasle to fix it.

Then I realized, after being off work for at least 2 hours, I was still wearing my tag.  For some reason, I never remember to take it off.

Then I got bored, and I think my pen for marking dark fabric is kind of neat, so I fooled around with it.  This just happens to be one of my favorite sayings/mottos/inspirations, etc. By the way…these pictures might be random sizes because I have to manually size change them.  Thats all.

And then I got REALLY bored. And I got tired of cutting and pinning, etc.

Then I heard my phone vibrate and I got really excited because I thought Nathan texted me back.  Turns out it was the refridgerator. Sad day.

Hooded ninja!

More boredom.  But hey, you have to take a break somehow.

But I eventually got everything done.  These are all the pieces of the dress, and add that to the same amount of identical pieces of lining. The bodice is 7 pieces, the midriff is 3, the skirt is 4 pieces.  Those are the materials I have used up until this point.

I don’t know why this photo is so blurry…kind of irritating but its too late at night to take more pictures.  These are the materials I’ve used.  From left to right and top to bottom there is a measurement tool, pins (and the loose ones are only from making the midriff and lining), scissors, dress makers tool, dress marker for dark fabric, and the two patterns I’m combining for this dress.

This is the scraps after today.  We about doubled it since yesterday and that doesn’t include the remnants that are large enough to potentially use for other projects.

Tomorrow I’ll begin the actual sewing of the bodice and the bodice lining.  Hopefully I’ll be able to add some videos as well, especially since nothing I’ve done this far has been very exciting or video worthy.  I now officially have 7 days to complete this dress. May there be a muse out there to help me with my journey.

Day 4:

So I’ve decided to break this up into parts, just because if I don’t, it will be super long.  This is also a good place to stop because I have finished about 1/3 of the entire dress.  I would like to say 1/2 but not only do I have the skirt left, I have the zipper.  The zipper was my nightmare on my last dress, so I’m not looking forward to it.

Anyway, I finished quite a bit.  Got the lining of the bodice and the midriff sewn, as wel as the bodice and the midriff.  They are sewn together and completely finished, other than the ironing part.  I need to do that, but not only do I not have an iron…but I don’t like ironing in the first place.  As a side note, I completely wrote and finished this blog once before, but my computer froze and I lost everything.

I wish I could remember what I had said previously, but I can’t, so I’m rewriting it.  You’ll also notice that there are more ed and taking a break pictre me getting bored and taking a break pictures.  I still hope you enjoy some of them as much as I do.

This was the first time I’ve sewn with this machine, so I had to put the bobbin inand figure out all the settings before I could do anything.  This is the bobbin mechanism under the stage.  The bobbin fits on that small peg in the center.  As innocent as it looks, I had a hell of a time getting the bobbin onto it.  There are two removable pieces in there, and they both kept falling out.  It was difficult to get them back in there because they only fit one specific way, and I couldn’t e the t it to go in like that without tilting the machine backward.

This is the holder the bobbin fits into, which fits into the mechanism in the picture before this one.  I wound the bake a picfew days ago, and didn’t think to take a picture or video of that, but thats it there on the right hand side. Its wound with black all-purpose thread.  I believe its synthetic thread, but I can’t remember for sure.

It fits in, like so.  In order to keep the bobbin in the holder you have to hold onto this little lever just right, or it will fall out and disaster ensues. You can’t see it because my thumb is covering it, but once you place the bobbin in, you let go and it clicks. Then, its nice and happy and you can start sewing.

Then I thread the needle with the upper thread, from front to back. This is one of my favorite parts of sewing, for some reason. It could be because it is very difficult for some reason, and I’m pro.  Who knows?

Next I had to draw the lower thread up through the stage using the upper thread.  This usually isn’t difficult, but this is about the time the bobbin mechanism started to fall apart again.  I finally got it to work.  As weird as it sounds, this reminds me of a stage on which ballet is performed.

At this point, I realized just how dark it was in my sewing area, so I moved my bedside lamp above where I was working. It worked wonders, better than I had imagined.

This is the dial and the corresponding chart to change the desired stitch length.  Stitches 6-10 are a standard straight stitch of varying lengths, with the needle centered in the presser foot.  Stitch 11 is also a standard straight stitch, but the needle is on the left of the presser foot. I used stitch number 7 to sew permanent stitching and stitch 10 to baste (temporary stitching/guide stitches), along with the gathering used on the bodice.

This is the first seam I finished.   It is the seam between the bodice front and the bodice side front.

This is the back of the stitch below.  I used a different one from the previous picture because the bodice has necessary puckering, so the stitches don’t look as smooth.

This is the front of the previous seam.  I always love the look of something right after its sewn together.

This is the sewn together bodice.  It has 7 pieces total.

This is the dial do adjust the thread tension.  If the tension on the thread is too great, the thread will snap.  If it is too low, the thread will loop and easily be pulled undone. I adjusted it to about 2.5 for the cotton calico used for the dress, and 0 for the lining of the dress.

This is the bodice front and bodice side pieces sewn together. This is an example of clipping the edges.  When a rounded area needs to be sewn, the edges need to be clipped in this fashion so that the fold will not pucked to do this, The first time I needed to do this, it didn’t go very well, but subsequent times continued to get better.

This is an example of cutting notches outward.  I didn’t do this on my first dress, and it actually makes things a lot easier.  The point of cutting these outward little triangles is to match pieces of the pattern together.

This is the finished lining. Shiny fabric!

I went to sew the lining to the bodice, but for some reason I couldn’t wrap my head around it, so my first attempt gave me pieces that were upside down to each other. I don’t think that will work very well.

So I finally got the pieces matched up after my moment of stupidity.  Everything is pinning and read to sew.

This little white dot represents the pivot area for sewing the upper seam. Pivots allow you tu turn corners without making them rounded.

I sewed all the way from one edge of the bodice to the pivot, then stopped with the needle in the lowest position.

Next I lifted up the presser foot, and because the needle is down through the fabric, the fabric won’t move.  Once the presser foot is up, I turned the fabric to sew the other direction.  I had another moment of stupidity when I started sewing in the direction, but it was only 1 stitch, so I corrected it easily.

You can see the 1 stitch I messed up on over the white dot. The point of this picture is not that, however, bthe clipped edge over the dot.  This is so that when I turn the bodice right side out, there won’t be any bunching.

Here is the “finished” bodice.  I still had to add a little something at this point, but here is the sweetheart neckline that I was after.

Here is the fabric that I’m using to make the overlay of the bodice.  Its sheer, as you can see. I cut this piece in half, and shortened it by about 5 inches.

And here is the rough copy of what that looks like.  Obviously its not attached to the midriff, and it needs a lot of tweaking, but this is the general idea.

Sewing the Midriff

This is sewing the midriff pieces together (I think…whatever it says in the video is what I’m sewing…). I chose something really simple, because the location of the camera is between me and the sewing machine, making it difficult to navigate.

Here is the almost final version.  I still need to tweak it where the pins are, and iron it of course, but you get what I’m doing now. Yay for halter top I never have to tie.  It’s a little snug, but I’ll make it work one way or another.

This is what I’m wearing in that picture laid out on the floor. I did a quadruple twist of the overlap to make it snugger, hide some of the edges, and give it a little pizazz.

This is the entire finished bodice.  You can’t see the overlay because its hanging down, and it still needs ironed, but now the lining is there.  The next step is to attach the skirt to this, but I have to sew the skirt togehter first.

This is everything I’ve done so far.  I’ve spent at least the last 3 hours trying to put this blog up, and now I don’t know if I want to start the skirt, or if I just want to go to bed.

Day 5:

I worked a little amount on my dress tonight, finished the skirt minus the zipper, of course.  I also sewed the pieces of the skirt lining back together.  I only have 4 days to finish it, and on the 4th day I have to wear it.  Here is to working my ass off the next 2 days!! Ha, I really don’t think it will be hard to finish.  I don’t work until 5:30 tomorrow and the next day, and Thursday (the day before the debut) I don’t work at all, so I doubt I’ll have any trouble.  On a note completely unrelated to dress making, Hana and Dustin will be moving out this weekend and my friend Anton will be moving in.  That means I get to have a kitty! I’m excited, but I will definitely miss living with Hana…love her!


This is the long road of pins.  I definitely needed all the pins I could get on the lining though – even just keeping it flat was difficult in itself.  I remembered to adjust the thread tension before I sewed the two back pieces of the lining together, but unfortunately I had to restart anyway because it didn’t like the idea of being sewn.

This is the skirt of the dress and probably the best seam I’ve sewn so far.  Its very even, very straight, and I kept a very good pace on the sewing machine.

This is the outside of the seam, without being pressed or anything, of course.  When I sewed together the front piece to the two back pieces, I forgot to re adjust the thread tension, but I didn’t realize until I finished the seam so I had to go back and re sew the entire seam.  It really isn’t as much work as I make it out to be, but it all costs time.

I did get the skirt finished tonight…or “finished” I should say.  The 3 pieces are sewn together, but nothing is hemmed because I won’t do that until the very end.  Its pretty long, so I’ll have to hem it a good deal, and its big in the waist, but I imagine that will just give me a more ample gathering.  Now I couldn’t decide what to do with the tulle that will be sticking out of the bottom until just now.  Originally I was going to make an entire skirt out of it, but the lady who was cutting fabric at Joanne’s talking me out of that (it didn’t take a lot of persuading, really).  Then I was going to sew it in between the skirt and lining..but I think that will make it very stiff looking.  What I’m ACTUALLY going to do is sew the skirt and the lining separately, then attach the tulle to the lining, so when I move the tulle and the skirt move independently..which is what I’m looking for.

This, my friend, is the “finished” skirt laid out onto the floor. The seam you can see in the back is where the zipper will be going.  I’m getting close, and I’m excited.  Now, I will likely work on this tomorrow as well, but I doubt there will be as many pictures…in case you couldn’t tell the numbers are dwindling.  I’ve basically shown pictures of everything sewing, and now all I have to show is the pieces put together.

I think I mentioned it already, but only 4 more days. I got this!

Day 6:

I didn’t do a whole hell of a lot on my dress tonight, but I did finish sewing together the pieces for the lining of the skirt of the dress.  I also tacked together the lining to the skirt, and clipped the edges so that the zipper can be places in between the lining and the skirt.  That is what you are looking at in the top two pictures.  That and the fact that the lining is now attached to the skirt via basting.  I didn’t do any basting on my last dress, and I’ll say it is helpful, but irritating and a slow process.

I finished the skirt, and here is a side view.  It was still too big to fit my waist, so I gathered it to make it work.  In this picture, it is sitting lower than it will when I wear the dress.  Its sitting on my hips (the only thing holding it up) but it will sit at my natural waist when I attach it to the bodice.  I put the bodice/midriff on for a test run, and I’m very excited.

One concern I have been having, was that the raw edge of the overlay would ravel. I thought about it for a while tonight, and came to the conclusion that I might try using a flame.  In seamless clothing, they cut it with a laser, which not only cuts the fabric in the desired pattern, but also burns the edges so the item doesn’t fray.  Because this is a synthetic fabric, it would make sense that the edge would melt to resist fraying. Well, I tried it (pictured below) and it seemed to work.  In this picture, the top portion is burned, and the bottom portion is not.  The edge will be hidden on the dress, so you won’t see it anyway.

And this is the dreaded next step…ish.  On my to do list: attach skirt to midriff/bodice, hem skirt, add zipper, adjust fit.

This picture (and the ones that follow) are the accessories I bought to wear with this dress.

Shoes: Rouge, originally priced at $24.99, purchased at 5-7-9 for $7.00
Clutch: Icings by Claires, originally priced at $22.00, purchased as “out of stock” for $0.01
Hairpiece: Icings by Claires, $6.50

Card holder: Icing’s by Claires, $8.00

3 days left!!!

Day 7:

Its almost time to wrap it all up.  I only have tomorrow and a little bit of time on Friday to finish, but the good news is all I have to do is hem it, add the tulle, do the zipper, and do a little finishing touches here and there.

This is the zipper I bought from Joannes today.  It was about 4 dollars, and is a 22 inch long invisible zipper. I used an invisible zipper on my last dress, and I liked the way it turned out, so I opted for the same.  I’ll have to shorten it by about 4 or 5 inches, but thats a normal thing to do.

On a side note, I’m watching an episode of the X-files, and I’ve decided that one of the actors is one of my favorite.  I’ve seen 2 or 3 movies he plays in, but the most rememberable is in Identity.  He plays the character with multiple identities, and his eyes are crazy and move back and forth.

Back to sewing…

Hana helping me hem the lining of my dress.  The lining, for some reason, had uneven edges…so I wasn’t able to just adjust the hem myself.  I needed her help to pull it up high enough so you can’t see it poking out from under my skirt.  I haven’t sewn it yet, but I’m sure she did a fine job.

It doesn’t look even, and its funny shaped, but this is it before I sew.  Obviously I’ll cut the excess and it won’t look like this once I’m finished.

And, to make it allllllllllll full of awesomeness, I’m almost out of thread.  I don’t have money to buy thread.  I don’t think I have enough thread to even finish one hem, so I’ll have to go get some more tomorrow.  I was hoping to finish the hemming tonight, but I had issues with the sewing machine.  The tension was off, and I couldn’t fix it with just the adjuster wheel, so I had to manually change it on the bobbin.  Once that was fixed, I did have to adjust it with the wheel.  This was all after I started sewing the hem on the skirt.  I got half way through and noticed something wasn’t right, and then realized that it was looping, so I had to remove the entire seam.

I guess this isn’t all of what I did today.  I sewed the skirt to the bodice today, which was a nice advancement.  I messed up the first time, but realized it half way through so I was able to go back and correct it.  I also pinned up the entire hem on the skirt, and bought the zipper of course. I tried it on and it fits well, so I clipped some excess edges to make the zipper easier.

I also decided to go back to Icing’s and exchange the card holder I bought for another one.  The first one was purple, and I chose that because I thought it would be nice and subtle with the black, but once I bought the red pumps and the red flower for my hair, I realized the purple would clash.  This one is a little fatter, so it will hold more cash if need be, but they were the same price.

Wish me luck! I have 2 days to go, one full day off tomorrow, and I’m determined to finish it.  Its gonna be a looonnnngggg day, but I got this.  Then I’m going to take a few days off, and I believe my next project will be making a nightie.  I don’t have to start my next piece until March 1, so that will give me a good month and a half off.  Then, I believe I will work on Hana’s wedding dress come May.  It won’t be the ACTUAL wedding dress, but an identical test run to make sure I’m able to even accomplish the task.

Now, I believe I will take the chance to go to bed early. Goodnight.

Day 8:

I’m basically done with my dress.  All I need to do now is finish adjusting the hemline of the lining, and make some minor adjustments on the overlay, but other than that its done.  I did a test run of the tulle sticking out the bottom, and I decided I didn’t want to add it.  That was the only step I had left.  I also don’t really have many pictures tonight, partially because I’m so ready to be completely done with it and partially because I didn’t work on it very much or do anything extremely exciting.

I bought an ironing board and iron today at target. I couldn’t wear my dress unless it was ironed, and that is what I’m doing here…obviously.  Then I put it on and sat on the couch watching TV…and it got wrinkled again, so I’m going to iron it once more before I go to Springs tomorrow.

On a side note…my roommate just woke up and is basically sleep eating as I write this.  It reminds me of my mother, because she always wakes up and sleep eats.  Hopefully Hana doesn’t wake up tomorrow morning surrounded in whatever she was eating.


Other than the fact that this picture has awful quality…while I was ironing, the water from inside the iron dripped onto my foot. It was extremely hot, and started to burn my foot so I yanked my sock off and proceeded to scream ow repeatedly.

And this…is my dress.  Two views via mirror for you.  I hate taking mirror pictures, but with no better way to take them so late at night, this is what I have to do.

I only have one more set of pictures to post before I conclude this article of clothing.  I’ll try to post those tomorrow morning or early afternoon..they will be of the dress in its debut with accessories, before I leave to Springs.

Only a short while longer!

Day 9 [The Final Dress]:

So its been a week and a day since I’ve finished my dress…even though it feels like its been about a month.  I’ve also been extremely busy with school, work, and my social life which is suddenly booming.  That aside, I got an evening off tonight all by myself so other than doing dishes, a little organizing, and some laundry..I decided I would put in some time on the blog and finish this so I wouldn’t have t think about it and feel obligated to finish.

I’ve never been fond of mirror pictures. In all actuality I extremely despise them, but I was running late to dinner and there was a chance that these would be the only pictures I had.

I took a series…a little different angle here, a little bigger there. You know.

Before I left the house and the wind or cold or just life attacked me and ruined the look. Notice the big scary looking thing in the upper right hand corner. :S

I’m almost done with season 4 of the X-Files.  I won’t finish tonight, but maybe tomorrow!!!

Here are my lovely shoes with my toe nails painted. I get my large ankles from my mom. Thanks mom, haha.

Here is a last minute accessory choice. I bought this ring at my store right around the time I started working there.  It was the first big ring I purchased.

And this is my hair in the hair piece I bought. I just pulled up one side and used the flower to clip it.

And I don’t like full body pictures of myself either. But…here is the back of the dress.  My lovely boss Jenny took these pictures for me when I went in to work to show her and Hana.

Here is the drive to Denver. I got stuck in rush hour on my way to Colorado Springs.

Here is my clutch, with accessories inside. Notice safety pins, eye shadow, Music=Life pomegranate chapstick, eyeliner, cell phone, and card holder.

And here is another awful picture of me. But…there is the dress! Ta-da! Its a little big at the hem between the midriff and skirt, but thats easily dealt with.  Once I get up some more will power I’ll fix that.

And I really like how it looks with my pea coat on.

I hope you enjoyed this installment of my sewing blog thing whatever (thats the technical term, by the way). I do post updates about a ton of things, so please check back.  In no more than a month and a half I will begin my next article of clothing, so stay tuned for that. Otherwise….