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Blurring the Lines of Sexuality

15 Aug

Its already hard enough to find a mate as it is. At least for me, anyway. I can’t imagine its very easy for a gay person in a small town either. The pickings are low.

As we come to understand sexuality in humans more, and wish to ostracize various sexualities less, the lines continue to blur. That’s how human sexuality works, so the better we understand that, the better it is for everyone, but at some point, finding a mate would become nearly impossible.

The reason I bring this up is because of my relationship with Glee. Yes, Glee. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. And if you are currently judging me because I love Glee, well…I REGRET NOTHING!!!!

On Glee, the cast did a Born This Way cover in which they all wore shirts that said something about who they are. Kurt, a very obviously gay boy, wore a shirt that said “Likes Boys”. I’m absolutely in love with it, but it doesn’t have the same effect if I wore a shirt that said that. This led me to want to wear a shirt that says “Likes Girls”, but I can’t…because I don’t like girls. Apparently, I think a little bit like the actress who plays Quinn, because in a later live performance (or in public, or something) she donned the same shirt that says “Likes Girls”. The fandom blew up with talk about her being a lesbian, and about how no one had any idea.

Well, she doesn’t like girls. She likes boys. Cue mass confusion.

Here is the problem. If I wear a shirt that says “Likes Girls”, it would lead people to believe I’m a lesbian. With it being so difficult already to find a significant other, it doesn’t seem fair to me to broadcast to all the women looking for a potential girlfriend that I like girls, when I actually don’t. Not to mention it would make my own search more difficult, because then I would be off-limits to men. But wearing a “Likes Boys” shirt is on the verge of being like one of those screen tees that says thing like “hot” and “bad girl” (translation: tacky).

I still really want a version of the Lebanese shirt that Santana wears, as its an inside joke I’d likely have to explain.

Am I just thinking way too much into my clothing options? Is it fair to falsely advertise like this? Would you wear the shirt?

Who Would You Come Out To?

18 Apr

Coming out as gay or lesbian or transgender or whatever you associate yourself as can be a really big huge deal. Whether it is parents, a close friend, or someone else, I’m sure that the decision of who to come out to first weighs heavily on the person declaring their sexuality. I’ve long told my friends that they can tell me anything and I will be there to support them.  Its not that I question their sexuality – that’s not my place – but if they begin to, I want to help them through anything they are struggling with.

I was thinking about it recently, and I’m not entirely sure who I would come out to first. Likely, I would just say screw everyone because its none of their business and continue on with my life as though I don’t even have a sexuality. I never discussed dating with my parents until 2 weeks after I started dating my first boyfriend. The only reason it got brought up was become one of them asked me if we were dating – to which I replied yes, for about 2 weeks. That’s just my personality, and I know that everyone is different. I remember defending my bisexual (now lesbian) friend in middle school to my parents, through angry tears.

But assuming that I did find a need to tell someone, who would I tell? Would I confided in my parents? My best friend? The internet? Maybe scream it from the rooftops?

Who would you come out to if you were to declare your sexuality? Who did you come out to if you’ve already been through this?