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A Quick How To: Revamping Storage Boxes

30 May

I don’t usually blog about the weird little things I do on my free time. Surprisingly enough, I’m actually really big into interior design. It was one of my career choices had I thought I’d be able to actually have a job, and not have to move to a big city. So yeah…I’m constantly in a battle to make my living spaces look like I specifically chose each item to go with each other item, when I’ve actually just acquired them all randomly. My pet project is my bedroom. I have a bedset that is a baroque design, similar to my pink heading above, in black, white, hot pink, and light blue-green. It was my inspiration, but I’ve only gotten it after I moved out into the dorms, which just happened to have a blue and green theme.  Unfortunately, I just can’t get rid of all my mismatched things and buy all new things. I have to make due…so I decided to make this box much more awesome than it was when I bought it.

Not very exciting, right? But those were my dorm colors. I actually have another box (I haven’t finished it yet), which is blue, with a green lid.

What you’ll need for this project:

Standard photo/video storage box 
12×12 pieces of scrapbook paper 2 small pieces of scrapbook paperor 4 pieces 12×12 scrapbook paper
Hot glue gun and hot glue

First, I needed something to cover it with. I could paint it…but I’m not that talented with flat surfaces.  I could probably also cover it with fabric, but at the risk of it feeling crunchy, or not turning out well, I opted out of that one. I ended up finding scrapbook paper, and let me tell you the options are endless! I chose to use a baroque pattern for the actual box, and a solid for the lid. I chose a black and white baroque with a hot pink lid for one box, and a pink and black baroque with a black lid for the other. Here is the one Ihaven’t finished:

The pink ones for the lid were smaller, but if you can find a big sheet in the color you need, it might be big enough to only use 1 sheet. None of my pieces were actually big enough to cover the whole box in one piece, so I had to get a little creative. I cut the smaller pieces lengthwise into 4 equal pieces, and used them to cover the sides of the lid; this gave me enough room to fold the paper about a half inch over the top, and underneath the lid for full coverage on all 4 sides of the lid. I hot glued them into place (I’m sure you could use other methods of gluing, but this actually worked like a charm and didn’t leave me with any bubbles or wrinkling).

For the actual box, I used 3 sheets of 12×12 scrapbook paper. First, I folded 1 sheet in half. Then, I cut about 2-3 inches off what is now width. This should make it the width of the box (you might need to adjust more or less). Now, cut the paper on the fold, and you have the pieces to cover each end of the box. Again, fold it over on the top of the box and the bottom, similarly to the lid (see note below). Hot glue into place.

Finally, I used the last 2 sheets of 12×12 to cover the rest of the box. I cut about 1 inch from each piece to make it the same length as the box. I wrapped one over the top lip of the box and glued into place, then brought it all the way under the box and glued it there as well. I repeated on the other side. You will have several seams, but nothing thats terribly noticeable or unattractive.

The one caveat I have about this project is how to deal with the presence of the label holder like I have on my boxes. They are photo/video catalog boxes, and so I had to cut a hole in the paper on one end of the box. I did thisbefore I glued it down, and it seemed to work well enough (not perfect, but okay for my purposes). I’m sure you could cut it after gluing, but it might pose a problem of anchoring that part of the paper to the box. If you don’t need the label holder, you can also just cover it and forget about it. I thought about doing this, but I chose to keep the holder because I liked how it looked. You can use scraps that you’ve cut off to cut a piece of paper to slip inside, so its the same color as the rest of the box.

Ta-da! My newly redecorated, revamped storage box (these are the other colors). You can see that its not perfect, but I was also winging it. It goes great with my bedroom and makes a great accent piece. Sorry for not doing a better tutorial – check out my sewing blogs for a better read; this was an afterthought of the project or I could’ve given step-by-step pictures along with my instructions. Know that you can always change things for what you need, and don’t be afraid to experiment!