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I Need Your Help in a Way I’ve Never Asked Before

22 Aug

Hey, readers!

I ask for your help quite a bit…whether its just passing a message along by sharing a post, or by giving me suggestions of things to do or read or try.

Now, I have something a little different to ask you.

I want your potholders.

Yes, potholders.

I’m trying to work on being better at up-cycling and reusing things, especially for other things. I know everyone has at least one or two potholders lying around that have seen better days.

So here’s what you do…you go out, buy a new set of potholders, then let me know you want to send me a potholder, and I’ll give you my address. Then you can send them to me, and I will be super excited.

The only requirements is that they can’t have holes or large, obvious stains and are of the square/rectangle variety (and cloth). I can dye them to cover up fading (yes, even if they are patterned).

Soooo…are you going to help me? And you Xangan folks out there…spread the word to other Xangans cause I know we are all pretty great about helping each other out when we want to.