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5 Books You SHOULDN’T Read

6 Oct

Without further ado, I present to you the books I would never recommend anyone read (I tried to get a variety of genres):

5. Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky – This was a leisure read I’ve been meaning to read since my freshman year of high school. I’d heard it was a good book, but like many books, never got around to reading it until recently. My opinion might have been different had I read it at a younger age, as it is a self-discovery coming-of-age type of book, and I did go back and forth between including it or not. For lack of a 5th book off the top of my head, I included it. My biggest reason is that this is the only book I’ve ever read that was worse than the movie hands down. I enjoyed the way the book was written, but sometimes lacking insight from an outside source made it a little too vague. If you’re interested in the story, I would recommend just watching the movie. The writing itself isn’t terrible, but again, its just a little too vague and sparse with detail to call it a need to read.

4. Maurice by EM Forster – I was required to read this for my 20th Century Gay and Lesbian Fiction course, an elective I took while obtaining my bachelors. While the premise seems like it would make a good novel, reading it was a very different story. It lacked excitement, and was predictable.

3. Firestarter by Stephen King – I recently read this novel, and for the first 200-250 pages I had to force myself to pick up the book. Again, the plot seemed interesting enough (college experiment goes awry and leads a couple to develop psychokinetic powers, the offspring of which causes them to go on the run to avoid being a government experiment), but until the very end of the book it was a struggle to maintain concentration. The book also jumped around a bit between characters, but often in a way that interjected boring dialogue between what would otherwise be an interesting storyline. I would like to say that the last 100 pages or so were worth the wait, but that would be a lie.

2. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad – This is a book I read in high school, as part of my AP Literature course. Described as heavy and a difficult read, I wouldn’t disagree. If I was to revisit the book almost 10 years later, I can’t say that I would like it any more than I did at the time. If I remember correctly, the metaphor was thick and instead of contributing to the books purpose, detracted.

1. War of the Worlds by HG Wells – This is a book I read in high school, probably as a sophomore or junior. The lore surrounding the book itself, along with a love of the classics led me to its pages. This is a book that makes the bore of Firestarter look like child’s play. The details Wells uses are descriptive to the point of excess, making his sentences frequently take up an entire paragraph, and sometimes even spanning multiple pages. To err on the side of caution, this book didn’t get interesting until the last 10 pages (I want to say 4, but that could be an exaggeration).


5 Books You MUST Read


As someone who loves a good book, I actually welcome you all to read the above, especially to be able to discuss my statements. Which of these have you read? How did you feel about them? 

The Consequence of Denying a Letter of Recommendation

25 Sep

Way back in high school (which really wasn’t TERRIBLY long ago), I was applying for a full-ride scholarship. I made it quite far in the application process for this prestigious scholarship, but I needed to get letters of recommendation.

Unfortunately, a person I thought would support me and my endeavors as far as I sought to take them denied my request for a letter of recommendation. I was appalled. The reason? Apparently, I spread myself too thin.

Six years later, I still believe with all of my being that had I gotten that letter of recommendation, I would have been awarded that scholarship. I could have focused on my studies instead of having to work. I wouldn’t be smothered in overwhelming debt. And all of those things I did in high school were to help others out and to make my high school a place people actually wanted to attend.

I sit here today, writing this, and while I could never do anything like thank this person, I can sit here and say that yes, she had it right.

But that is who I am. I live for multi-tasking and projects…I thrive on being versatile. Right now at work I’m working on so many things that aren’t exactly my job because I want to boost morale. I want departments to work together. I want people to enjoy coming to work and feel like it doesn’t haven’t to be so cookie-cutter monotonous. I want to reward staff. I have so many skills and so many ideas that the exact reason I got denied my letter of recommendation is the exact reason I should have gotten that scholarship.

While the big picture is important, the details make up that picture. I’m a woman with a lot of ideas, and as long as I have the ability to nurse and foster those ideas, I’m going to run with them. I’ve never done more than I can handle, and I’ve never done more than I want to. And if I decide that my big ideas aren’t worth stressing over, and aren’t worth putting the time toward…I won’t.

Do you have someone who shocked you with their views about you, but in the end were exactly right and just didn’t make the proper interpretation?