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25 Jun

Vegetarians never get to do the wishbone! Its really not fair either, because just because we don’t eat the meant doesn’t mean we don’t like to play with the carcasses .

–Phoebe, Friends

25 Jun

The last time Joey went to a meadow his mother got shot by a hunter.

–Chandler, from Friends

4 Jun

Its complicated…you’re a jerk if you date a girl for too long and don’t marry her, but then you marry her and you’re an idiot for marrying her before you’re ready.

–Bradley Cooper as Ben, He’s Just Not That Into You

3 May

It’s like you shoved a rainbow up your nose!

–Downy Unstoppables commercial

1 May

What we fear are the possibilities – the truth, we both know.

–Agent Mulder, X-Files

Quote 24 Apr

What kind of sick bastard wants to do it in front of a deer!?

–Monica, Friends

Quote 19 Apr

Oh, I know. The doctor had to shine a flashlight in your vajayjay to get all the bats to fly out. I understand that keeping bats out of your womb is an important part of having a baby when you’re older than god…

-Swim Coach Ros Washington, Glee

Quote 17 Apr

Man, if we were in prison, you guys would be like..my bitches!

–Phoebe from Friends


Yeah…I graduated fourth…

17 Apr

Yeah…I graduated fourth grade and realized I wasn’t a pimp.

–Chandler from Friends