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How to Better Deal with Criticism

4 Oct

If there is one skill that you have in your arsenal for dealing with people both professionally and personally it should definitely be an ability to handle criticism with grace.

It’s human nature to get irritate, angry, mad, or even furious if someone is critical of you, albeit constructive or otherwise. We naturally think the way we do things is the best way, and when someone tells us we aren’t the best, well…it makes us mad.

The best way to handle criticism is to first calm yourself. By realizing you have become angry, you can better calm yourself down in order to think about the criticism itself – not that someone criticized you. Once you are calm, you should take a moment to understand that no one is perfect, and that this could be an opportunity to improve yourself.

Once you are calm, think about what the criticism was about. Did the other person have a point? Was it something you could actually improve? The likely answer to both of those questions is yes. If this is the case, it will ease both parties if you thank them for their criticism. They could have not said anything and seethed privately and you wouldn’t have had any opportunity to improve. Once you thank them and tell them they had a point, you might choose to elaborate on why you chose to do something the way you did, but be careful to not be defensive. If you think you will sound defensive, then it might be better to not say anything at all. Remember: stay calm and don’t be angry or respond in anger.

Once you have acknowledge the criticism at hand, make improvements. The person dealing out the criticism likely had a reason. But don’t dwell on the criticism…let it go. It’s more than likely that the other person didn’t mean any harm.

What do you do to handle criticism gracefully? I always try to, but often I fail and internalize it – any suggestions? 

A Couple of Resolutions: Updating Email

30 Dec

Hello, folks!

This is my first post in ages and for that, I apologize, but new things are on the horizon!

I come to you in my last post of 2013, to ask your advice on some resolutions for 2014. Generally, I don’t make resolutions, but I do know one thing about them: you must make a plan to accomplish them.

I have to resolutions for the new year:

1) Begin a calendar in which I write down something that happened each day, and continue it for years to come.
2) Ditch the email address I have had for 12 years, and get a new “grown-up” email address.

For one, the process is already in motion. After a quick trip to the craft store I will be all set to begin. For the second one, however, I need help. A lot of help.

I really don’t like the idea of a “firstname.lastname@something.com” email address, because let’s face it – it’s boring. And tell’s everyone my full name. I do like the idea of having part of my name in it, but I want some creativity to it. So, I ask you, what are the rules of email addresses when you don’t want to use your whole name?

I am thinking something like miss.michelle@something.com because its different than the standard and it doesn’t have my last name. Having my last name in there can become a real hassle when I change my last name when I get married. Is it too childish, though?

Suggestions? What are your resolutions for 2014?