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Aside 29 Jan

Confession time:

I like to pretend I’m a model in a photo shoot when I go grocery shopping.

The Selfie Game: Winner

6 Dec

Thanks to the [few] people who played the selfie game! I’ve posted the winner and the break-down of which pictures were selfies and which ones weren’t below.

First, as you may have expected, there was a deeper reason to me making a post riddled with pictures of myself. The reason is that the term “selfie” carries the connotation that every picture is for self-absorbed reasons for people who have no friends, and must resort to make duck-faces in the mirror (see above picture). The truth is that a good picture is a good picture. Most of the people I know don’t know how to take a portrait of someone else, and I often find myself doing things alone. I’m perfectly okay with that, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want a good picture of me doing these things. Instead of awkwardly asking a stranger to take a picture of me that will end up either accenting all the wrong features, or too blurry to make out, I just take a selfie.

Or, if there are two of us, and I want a picture with both of us in it, it is just as easy to flip the camera around and take one of both of us from a flattering angle, than to set up a timer and hope for the best.

The point: before you scoff at “selfies” think about if it is actually the self-portrait you have problems with (and why, because that’s really weird), or the fact that duck faces and mirror pictures are poor quality and not flattering.

Here is the breakdown:

Rules: Tell me if each picture IS a selfie, or is NOT a selfie.


1. Selfie (I absolutely loved this door)


2. Selfie (Went on a solo photography trip)


3. Not a selfie (however, I do have a picture like this that was a selfie – not as good as this one)


4. Selfie (LOVE this picture – some lady took a picture of me just before this, wasn’t half as good)


5. Not a selfie (llama kisses are the best kind of kisses)

Bonus: My blog picture, to the right – selfie


6. Not a selfie


7. Selfie, taken by me (not the best picture of either of us)


8. Selfie, taken by me (love this picture BECAUSE its not the best of either of us)


9. Selfie, taken by me (GO RAMS!)


10. Not a selfie (nor was it taken by the other girl)


11. Not a selfie (one of the best pictures someone else has taken of me, ever)


12. Not a selfie


13. Not a selfie


14. Not a selfie (I was also in this picture to her right, and it was me who took the picture)

And the winner is…..


Thanks for playing everyone! Amy (who only missed ONE) will receive a $10 Amazon gift card, as well as a home-made purse organizer to keep all of her necessities sorted and on hand whenever she needs them!

The Selfie Game

21 Nov

Come one, come all!

With the rise of social media, comes the rise in attention to the selfie. Selfies have existed probably as long as the camera, but without a way to post them for the world to see, they went undetected for years.

Take a look at this famous selfie from 1991 by Thelma and Louise.

I did some research via UrbanDictionary to figure out just what constitutes a “selfie”, but the only thing that seems to be true of all selfies is that, of course, you take them yourself. So lets play a little game….I’m going to post some pictures of yours truly, and I want YOU to tell me if they are a selfie or not!

Here we go.

Round 1: Pictures of just me

Rules: Tell me if each picture IS a selfie, or is NOT a selfie.











Bonus: My blog picture, to the right

Round 2: Pictures of me, with someone

Rules: For each picture, tell me if you think the picture IS a selfie (taken by me) or is NOT a selfie (not taken by me). If you think someone else in the picture took the photo, tell me who.













Bonus Round: Pictures of others

Rules: Tell me if you think the picture IS a selfie (taken by someone in the picture) or NOT a selfie (taken by someone NOT in the picture)







Winner gets a prize! A secret prize. Answers to follow (probably next week).

Boudoir with Your Bridesmaids

28 Apr

Photography is something I hold close to me, and while I have my strengths, I also have many weaknesses.

Like anything, photography requires practice and exposure, so often enough I find myself browsing pictures of people and things to see what I might be missing in my own photography, or how I can expand what I work with. Most recently, I’ve been perusing through a boudoir photography website, where I’ve found some very neat ideas.

One photo-set I came across was of a bride and her bridal party. While the idea of taking pictures like this with your closest friends sounds like it could be super fun, it sounds like it could be equally as awkward. Regardless of the experience, I just don’t understand what you do with the pictures after you take them. And if you don’t do anything with them, I don’t know why you would take them in the first place.

You just end up having pictures of you and your friends half-naked. And I don’t imagine you would give those to your husband.

The picture up at the top is one example that I found. It looks like it could be really fun. Yay for celebrating feminine friendships. But then you have this one:

Granted, these two ladies could be lovers, but if they aren’t…what do you do with this picture?

To check out the rest of the pictures in each session, go ahead and click on the picture.

Would you ever have a sexy boudoir photo session with your friends and/or bridesmaids? What do you do with these pictures after you take them? Naughty or nice; Natural or urban…what’s your boudoir style?

I Need Your Help!

12 Aug

I feel like it’s time to revamp my blog. It’s been a good few years since I did such on Xanga, and when I created this one I stuck with the same basic theme.

My tagline, however, is from 2005. I was…15…

I’m having trouble deciding if I should keep my current format so that everything I do, everything I want to do, everything I think and say are kept in the same blog (like they are now), or if I should expand and begin dividing my attentions.

One blog, which shall remain nameless until I make my decision, would be my main stuff – life events, questions, thoughts, relationships, etc.

The other blog, which has yet to be named, would be a space for fashion, tutorials, sewing, DIY, food, pictures, and things of that nature.

So…help me out. Whatcha thinking?

On Penises and Other Such Things…

7 May


Not too terribly long ago, a fellow blogger posted about the surprise sext. You know the texts where you randomly get a picture of some guys penis. Well, its happened to me before, but I didn’t think it would happen to me again so soon.

So yeah…to make a story short, I got a penis picture. It was actually quite “artistic” for a penis picture. Usually, they are taken via cellphone, by the person to which the penis is attached. The one I got was taken in a different fashion, and I was impressed at the pose. I digress…back to what I was actually talking about.

It got me to thinking. What is the appeal of such a picture? When someone sends me a picture like that, I can’t help but to think Oh look. A penis. and thats about it. A penis, in and of itself, is not exciting. It all depends on what the penis is doing, and [maybe] more importantly…who it is attached to. If you want to get me all hot and bothered, send me a picture of you with your shirt off and your pants undone with a seductive expression. Or wearing suspenders. Or a bowtie…that one gets me every time.

And its not just penises that get circulated, either. I accidentally stumbled on a friends up-close-and-personal picture of her vaj, once. Believe you me…I never want to see another vagina picture again.

Men: What do you hope to accomplish by sending pictures of your wiener to the ladies? How do you feel when you get vagina pictures?
Ladies: How do you feel when you get penis pictures (surprise or otherwise) and does context matter? How do you respond? Would you ever send a picture of your lady bits?