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Ditch the Texting

1 Oct

I do this every once in awhile. I decide that I want to stop texting and start using my phone the way it was intended – to talk.

I’ve never been ale to pull it off. I think it makes me too nervous, because talking on the phone makes me nervous. Actually…scratch that. Calling someone makes me nervous. There is this moment when you call someone now that you have to determine if you are calling to chat, or if you are calling for a purpose…and that moment is the moment that causes me anxiety.

I’m tired of texting. It takes forever. Its slow. Its clumsy. There are very little hellos and even fewer goodbyes. The beginnings and endings are blurred. People don’t respond.

But I can’t make the leap alone. I have a request…next time you need me, whether it is to chat or to answer a question…call me. The more you call me, the more I can call you, and the less anxiety I will have.

Are you on board? What do you like about texting? What do you dislike? What do you like and dislike about calling?

The 9 o’clock Caller

20 Apr

When I moved into my new apartment, every once in awhile the corded (yes, corded) phone would make a weird chirping sound. I assumed it was due to an unchecked voicemail message, but had no idea how to check it. It was my landlord’s phone, too, so I didn’t even know if I should check it.

Then, one day, I went up and had a chat with my landlord, and asked him how to check the voicemail – I told him about the weird chirping. He then told me he doesn’t even use his voicemail, and asked me if the chirping happened around 9 o’clock.

I told him yes. And he told me that we receive a phone call every night right around 9.

I thought it was weird, but dismissed it (and later figured out how to check the voicemail).

Then, he gave me a cordless phone that he didn’t use so I could see who was calling. It was then that I came to the realization that yes, someone calls every night at 9:12.

On the dot.

My corded phone was a late ringer, so it barely rang, so I barely noticed. The cordless phone picks up the call right away, though, so it rings once, and the call ends. I know what you’re thinking – why don’t I just check the caller ID? Well…one ring isn’t enough to get information for the caller ID to work.

One night not terribly long ago, I was sitting here bored and decided I should try to answer it, so I picked up the phone and kept my eye on the clock. As I sat and thought about it, I decided that maybe I shouldn’t answer the phone. I mean, who knows who or what might be on the other end? So I sat the phone down, and watched patiently as it rang once.

And every time I have someone over, I casually make a comment when the phone rings “oh…it must be 9:12.” Because it is.

Would you answer the phone? What do you think will happen when if I do? Has anything like this ever happened to you? Thoughts on what might be going on?

30 Day Letter Challenge: Dear Fave Interwebs Friend

19 Jun

Dear Face Interwebs Friend,

Jeez, do we have an interesting friendship or what?

Lets see, its been 11 years since I met you and we text quite frequently, yet we’ve only talked on the phone…2, 3 times?…and we’ve never met.

I’ll be honest, after talking to you for 11 years the thought of actually meeting you is terrifying. Expectations are so big, that I don’t think even the strongest person in the world could hold them up.

I had hoped I could suggest a vacation here so we could meet, but apparently Colorado is a dumb place to vacation (really…who says that?).

Some days, like all friendships, I just want to push you down, but then other days I need you. You can be so supportive, and knowing that you appreciate hearing from me usually just makes my day, regardless of how the rest of the conversation goes.

I don’t have a whole lot to say now. I think you’ve heard it all. Whatever happens, I wish you the best, and I’m always just a text away. Hopefully you find the woman of your dreams that I know you’ve been searching long and hard for, and I hope you come to a peaceful place within yourself so that you can succeed at whatever it is you set your heart to.

Take care.

Always, Me

Appropriate Times to Yell at People

11 Aug


There are times and places for everything. Sometimes we forget this, simply because of the technology that keeps us in constant communication with one another. We especially throw these ideas aside when we are emotional. Its usually considered unacceptable to call your significant other at work to yell at them, simply because they are working.

If you are mad at your significant other, would you call to yell at them on their lunch hour?

Texting Etiquette

18 Jul


Everyone has a different style when it comes to texting. There is the serial texter, who texts and has conversations multiple people all simultaneously. Then you have the neglexter, who neglects conversation and forgets to text you back. Some (and by “some” I mean men) are one-worders, who you can find responding to your texts with things such as “lol”, “k”, “maybe”, and the classic “sure”. Sometimes you will even get a slow-poke thrown into the bunch. I’m what I’d like to call the faithful texter. I always have my cell with me, and if you text me there is a 99% chance that I will text you back within 5 minutes (the caveat being situations like work, or if I don’t feel/hear my phone…but we will put those in that 1%).

All of this leads me to believe there should be standard texting etiquette that everyone should follow.

1. Carry your cell phone with you. Get a house phone if you don’t want the burden of keeping your cell with you.
2. Respond in a timely manner. No one wants to sit around waiting 30 minutes to see if you want to go to dinner only to ultimately go alone.
3. Be clear. This goes for in-person conversations as well.
4. Be as involved in a conversation as you would be in person. You wouldn’t forget to respond to a friend if they are right in front of you, so do your best to text me back. If you are busy, just tell me.

I know there are times when you just can’t be a faithful texter, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying. Bad texting should not become a habit.

What is your texting style? What general rules of etiquette should people follow? What is your texting pet peeve?