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Nudity: It’s an Age Thing

27 Feb

Being naked. We all do it, quite frequently, if you think about it.

But what about getting older makes us more prone to taking our clothes off?

When I was little, I feel like for sleep-overs or just in general, kids take off their clothes like its no big deal. Hell, I was always naked as a kid. But then, even though teenagers are in this hyper-sexual state, they seem reluctant to taking there clothes off. I remember when I was probably 15, my best guy friend refused to take his pants off to jump into the pool until none of us were looking.

Now, at the age of 25, I feel like I’ve seen more friends and people naked than ever before. When you go to the gym, you see old ladies running around naked like it ain’t no thang all the time.

Butt ass naked old ladies.

Even I feel a change, and I have no idea when it happened. I tend to be the person who, if you ask, I will say you don’t get to see me without my clothes on unless we are intimate, because I don’t take my clothes off. And suddenly, I’m like here, let me take my shirt off (for reasons XYZ…I don’t just run around naked for no good reason, unless that reason is lounging around the house without pants on).

I just went to some hot springs with a couple of girl friends, and we were disappointed it was clothing-mandatory.

Maybe it is because during puberty, everyone’s bodies are in this weird limbo. Maybe as we get older we get more comfortable with what we look like under our clothes. Maybe, you reach an age in which you just don’t give a fuck. We call that the “I do what I want!” phase of life.

Can you relate? Why do we revert back to this childhood phase of being without clothes? Do you walk around butt ass naked in the locker room after a swim or a workout? 

Boudoir with Your Bridesmaids

28 Apr

Photography is something I hold close to me, and while I have my strengths, I also have many weaknesses.

Like anything, photography requires practice and exposure, so often enough I find myself browsing pictures of people and things to see what I might be missing in my own photography, or how I can expand what I work with. Most recently, I’ve been perusing through a boudoir photography website, where I’ve found some very neat ideas.

One photo-set I came across was of a bride and her bridal party. While the idea of taking pictures like this with your closest friends sounds like it could be super fun, it sounds like it could be equally as awkward. Regardless of the experience, I just don’t understand what you do with the pictures after you take them. And if you don’t do anything with them, I don’t know why you would take them in the first place.

You just end up having pictures of you and your friends half-naked. And I don’t imagine you would give those to your husband.

The picture up at the top is one example that I found. It looks like it could be really fun. Yay for celebrating feminine friendships. But then you have this one:

Granted, these two ladies could be lovers, but if they aren’t…what do you do with this picture?

To check out the rest of the pictures in each session, go ahead and click on the picture.

Would you ever have a sexy boudoir photo session with your friends and/or bridesmaids? What do you do with these pictures after you take them? Naughty or nice; Natural or urban…what’s your boudoir style?

Miley Cyrus: A Wreck?

17 Oct

Forgive me for my choice of topic. I don’t generally like to write about celebrities, especially ones that have a status similar to that of Miss Miley Cyrus, but I felt I needed to share something.

For those of you who haven’t heard her newest song “Wrecking Ball” or haven’t seen the music video, I strongly urge you to find it on YouTube before reading on.

To give perspective on how I feel about this video, I will first say that I have never been a fan of Miley, whether on TV or in music. Before I even realized I was listening to her song, I was irritated by it and had to change it.

Then I watched the music video.

I will say that the music video is not good, but it is much better (as is the song) than anything I have ever seen or heard from her. If she continues in a similar manner, and works to improve herself and her music, she might actually be able to be a respected music artist.

The reason I liked the video is that during certain parts, it was actually artistic and spoke to the pain of what the song seems to be about. Of course, Miley over-sexualized it (or her producers, or whoever) when really, this song isn’t a sexy song. When she hits the wall with the sledge hammer – stunning – but when she licks it, I just want to punch her in the face because it is so unnecessary. Even her nudity is acceptable, as it speaks to the vulnerability of being in a relationship, and the pain sometimes associated with it. The grinding on the chain of the wrecking ball is, again, unnecessary. And I don’t find her to be a terribly amazing actress, so the close-ups of her face are a little uncomfortable to watch. I could go on and on about things I don’t like, too…but I’ll leave it at that.

Here is to not hating on the girl that much for her newest song and video, and hoping that some of the crazy might be over and that we will see better music from her.

What do you think of Miley and her latest song and video?

On Penises and Other Such Things…

7 May


Not too terribly long ago, a fellow blogger posted about the surprise sext. You know the texts where you randomly get a picture of some guys penis. Well, its happened to me before, but I didn’t think it would happen to me again so soon.

So yeah…to make a story short, I got a penis picture. It was actually quite “artistic” for a penis picture. Usually, they are taken via cellphone, by the person to which the penis is attached. The one I got was taken in a different fashion, and I was impressed at the pose. I digress…back to what I was actually talking about.

It got me to thinking. What is the appeal of such a picture? When someone sends me a picture like that, I can’t help but to think Oh look. A penis. and thats about it. A penis, in and of itself, is not exciting. It all depends on what the penis is doing, and [maybe] more importantly…who it is attached to. If you want to get me all hot and bothered, send me a picture of you with your shirt off and your pants undone with a seductive expression. Or wearing suspenders. Or a bowtie…that one gets me every time.

And its not just penises that get circulated, either. I accidentally stumbled on a friends up-close-and-personal picture of her vaj, once. Believe you me…I never want to see another vagina picture again.

Men: What do you hope to accomplish by sending pictures of your wiener to the ladies? How do you feel when you get vagina pictures?
Ladies: How do you feel when you get penis pictures (surprise or otherwise) and does context matter? How do you respond? Would you ever send a picture of your lady bits? 

How About That Undie Run?

4 May

Its that time of year again. The week before finals and the time when people at Colorado State University strip down into their tighty whities and run around campus to support the less fortunate by giving their clothes to them. Now don’t get me wrong, I support the cause, because we all have clothes that we don’t use any more that would benefit others much more than they benefit our closets, however, I feel like this might just be an excuse to get drunk and half-naked and be sleezy.

A friend who participated in it last year was recounting the experience to me, and noted that a few girls slapped him on the ass, and another tried to pull his underwear down. Personally, I think thats inappropriate behavior in a mass group of people all in their underwear.  Just because you are in your underwear doesn’t give you a right to sexually harass people.

I think I’m definitely in the minority about this, though.

Do you think its acceptable for large groups of half-naked people to get together and run around? Do you think the original cause for this event is enough to overlook the drunken sleeziness of the men and women participating? 

We Have to Take Our Clothes Off

16 Apr


Sometimes, you have to take your clothes off around other people. If you don’t have to, then at some point its likely you’ve chosen to. Either way, its a fact of life.  If you are self-conscious, then this can be an unpleasant experience.  Personally, I try to avoid taking my clothes off in front of people unless we are very, very close. My reasoning is because I really doubt that they want to have to look at the flaws I don’t even enjoy looking at.

Like I said, though, sometimes you have to. Usually, these situations are only around the same sex. You know what I’m talking about…mens and womens locker rooms. I’m sure that this began because men and women aren’t supposed to see each other naked (or something) unless they are in a relationship. Today, I don’t know what people think about this separation, but I still feel more uncomfortable taking my clothes off around men than I do women.

Then, I was struck by a thought – the thought that inspired this blog post.

Why do I feel uncomfortable about taking my clothes off in front of men, but not in front of women who like women? Isn’t it the same concept?

So tell me your thoughts.

Do you feel more uncomfortable taking your clothes off in front of the opposite sex than your own? Does sexual preference dictate how you feel about taking your clothes off in front of someone?