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It’s Not Your Fault, I’m Just Not Attracted to You

5 Sep


Attraction is everything when it come to relationships. If that guy or girl approaches you, and you don’t think they are attractive, the chances he or she has are near zero. If one is lucky enough to still get you into a conversation, there is still a shot at winning you over – that is, unless their personality is unattractive, too.

I haven’t “rejected” a vast number of men, but those I have were because I just wasn’t attracted to them. It isn’t something any of us can control, but I still feel bad about it. If you tell someone that is the reason you don’t want to date them, they feel bad too (even though its out of everyone’s control).

I won’t go into it, but there are certain things I just don’t find attractive. Nothing is ever 100%, but most of the time these things hold. I think it is unfair to expect everyone to be attracted to everyone else, but let me make it clear that it doesn’t mean that you are ugly, just because I’m not attracted to you. I base it in biology, because sexuality and attraction are definitely physiologically based. It is along the same principles of why some men naturally smell great, and other men naturally smell like they woke up in a garbage can. Those same garbage can men smell great to other people.

Why do you think people seem so hurt when you aren’t attracted to them? Do you think we could stop feeling so hurt if we just thought about the basis of attraction more? What are you not attracted to?

When Making Mistakes Isn’t Okay

4 Sep


Mistakes are part of everyone’s life – we all make them. Learning from them is what we are told is the big take-home message. Its okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them. 

Yes, we should learn from our mistakes, but when does it become not okay to make mistakes?

I think a lot of mistakes can be avoided, if you actually think about what you are doing. Yes, absentmindedness if often the cause of mistakes, but some things are definitely thought-worthy. I feel as though I make less mistakes than many people, simply because I take the time to think about the consequences of my actions.

Can you think of any situations that could lead to mistakes, but if you think about them like you should, you could avoid the mistake? Are all mistakes acceptable, or is there a line to be drawn?  What are some mistakes you could have avoided?