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Your Support Appreciated!

28 Jul

Hello everyone,

First and foremost…thank you for your continued support. You may be a loyal reader, you may be a new reader, you might be supporting my Annie’s jewelry business, or Two Tails Behavior Consultation. All of those things mean so much to me, because without you and your support, I couldn’t do half of what I’ve been able to accomplish.

Second, I come to you with a request. Anytime you make efforts to grow, you’ll eventually outgrow where you were, and need to expand. I’m facing something similar. Kind of.

With Two Tails Behavior Consultation up and running, I need a reliable mode of transportation. My coverage area is extremely large and covers all of Colorado west of the Rockies. As many people do, I also commute for my a full-time job about 30 miles. Unfortunately, my car has entered the “unreliable” stage of its life, but alas, I have no money for a down payment and can’t afford a car payment otherwise. I’ve bounced around from used car to used car since I got my license, and they’ve done well enough, but it is time for something that gives me a little longer before I have to put major money into it.

Here is where you come in.

After going back and forth between if I should or shouldn’t, I’ve decided to begin a GoFundMe to see if I can garner the support to buy a new car so that hopefully, tomorrow, I’ll be in a better place than I am today.

Now I know that many of us are all in the same boat, so I understand if you can’t make a donation. But even if you can’t, I would be absolutely honored if you could share my “campaign” to your Facebook, Twitter, WordPress….anything.

Again, thank you so much for all of your continued support. It means so much to me!

Find my campaign here (you can also share this link): gofund.me/2grfuuc

Ditch the Texting

1 Oct

I do this every once in awhile. I decide that I want to stop texting and start using my phone the way it was intended – to talk.

I’ve never been ale to pull it off. I think it makes me too nervous, because talking on the phone makes me nervous. Actually…scratch that. Calling someone makes me nervous. There is this moment when you call someone now that you have to determine if you are calling to chat, or if you are calling for a purpose…and that moment is the moment that causes me anxiety.

I’m tired of texting. It takes forever. Its slow. Its clumsy. There are very little hellos and even fewer goodbyes. The beginnings and endings are blurred. People don’t respond.

But I can’t make the leap alone. I have a request…next time you need me, whether it is to chat or to answer a question…call me. The more you call me, the more I can call you, and the less anxiety I will have.

Are you on board? What do you like about texting? What do you dislike? What do you like and dislike about calling?

The Real Reason for New Year’s Resolutions

13 Dec

Here it is: my annual New Year’s post.

If you’ve known me for at least a year, you know that under no circumstances do I make “New Year’s Resolutions”. Why? Because, well, why wait until then to do what you can do now?

I do think there is a reason for these resolutions, though, that actually has nothing to do with the beginning of a new year. Think about it…no one sits around in July and is like you know what…I want to get skinny…I’ll start that January 1.

No. People don’t do that. People either say hey…I’m going to start a gym membership and actually DO it, or say hey…I should start working out and DON’T.

This time of year, however, is madness. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas…boom, boom, BOOM. One right after the other, and it barely gives a person time to breathe, let alone think about anything other than parties, food, and gifts.

This, my friends, is the real reason for New Year’s Resolutions. Not to start the year out right, but because January 1 marks the end of the holiday season. You know what my “New Year’s Resolution” is this year? To make an effort to become decent friends with every one of my Facebook friends.

And do you know why I’m waiting until the New Year to start this endeavor? Because I doubled up Christmas parties on Wednesday, have to go Christmas shopping on Saturday, go home the following Wednesday. Christmas is on Thursday. I come back on Saturday. Work is on Sunday.

And then its January 1st. Trying to squeeze in acquaintances and strangers into the mix is pretty impossible when I’m barely able to squeeze in friends and family.

The question is not of if I will succeed and accomplish this task, or if by not keeping it I keep to the stereotypical no-one-ever-keeps-their-resolutions but that it has absolutely nothing to do with beginning a new year on the right foot.

Any resolutions you’ll be starting up after the holiday season? 

The New Face

20 Nov



Welcome to the most recent face-lift of my blog!

Whether or not you are aware, I’ve been on a nautical kick, albeit slightly different type of nautical (think deep-sea vs seashore). I’ve had the same tagline for my blog since I was 15, and while the backgrounds and colors and things like that have changed, I thought it was time for a little update.

WordPress doesn’t allow a lot of customization for its free sites, but I’ve made due.

Feedback on the new design is always welcome, and I think this is a good time to say a big thank you to all of you.

To my followers who comment, and those who don’t, the friends who read me faithfully, and the lurkers who I’ll likely never know – thanks for reading! I appreciate each and every one of you!



30 Day Letter Challenge: Dear Person I Should Talk to More

21 Jun

Dear Person I wish I talked to more,

You are fabulous, and I’m so glad that I met you. You are one of the only reasons why my freshman year of college was even slightly bearable, and I thank you for that. You gave me so much advice and so much friendship that I’m forever grateful.

Unfortunately, after that year…well, we kind of went our separate ways. I can only hope it wasn’t on purpose, and that your life just got too busy, as did mine. Every time I see a post of yours on Facebook, though, I wish that we could hang out and laugh like we used to.

Maybe I should take more initiative, but I’m…not scared…intimidated, maybe. I’m tired of trying to claw my way into peoples lives, so…that’s why you don’t hear from me much.

Believe me, though, if you ever need anyone to hang out with, I’d be happy to oblige.

2 words: cake farts.

Always, Me

30 Day Letter Challenge: Dear Person I Wish I Could Meet

20 Jun

Dear Person I Wish I Could Meet:

I see you standing there, walking by, doing your you thing, and I can’t help but think

if only i could say hi. if only you could notice me the way im noticing you. 

but alas, that is not how the universe has meant it.

Maybe if I was a little more extroverted, or thought that I was as awesome as I say I am, that I could say hi. That I could talk to you.

But it’s all in passing. I’ll think of you again, but you won’t think of me.

Maybe one day, you will notice me. Maybe one day, we will meet.

Always, Me

My Journey Through Music: Country

12 Sep


I have to say, before anything else, that country was especially difficult to get through. My apologies for how long it took me to get through this.

I had a whole bunch of help on this one. I had help from Carolina Courtland, my cousin Josh, and a friend, Ryan. I had to sort through 41 artists, which I knew very little about, and pick 10 to listen to. There was a bit of overlap, so I took the ones that they all had in common, and narrowed it down like that. This is what I came up with:

Patsy Cline
Dolly Parton
Hank Williams (Sr.)
Johnny Cash
Kenny Rogers
Garth Brooks
Reba McEntire
George Strait
George Jones
Willie Nelson

Once again, I listened to 7 songs each, picked from a list of top ten songs. That’s also the order I listened to them in, and the reason this took so long was that (unfortunately for any die-hard fans out there) I couldn’t make it through 7 songs of Hank Williams. I tried, and I tried. The first two songs I listened to – I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry and Lovesick Blues – weren’t all that bad. When I reached my third song, Your Cheatin’ Heart, I just couldn’t do it. I had that “Ohhhhh Godddddd” moment the moment it came on. The high point of my Hank Williams experience was when I listened to Hey, Good Lookin. My dad used to sing that growing up, and I didn’t know it was an actual song. Its the perfect example of some catchy, sing-whenever-you-want lyrics, but some not-so-great music.

There were a few artists that were so-so, and I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time on. Dolly Parton was the first, and although I recognized this song right away, I liked Glee’s version of Jolene much better. Reba McEntire, George Jones, and George Strait were right after one another, and none of them really impressed me. None of them were bad, but I just didn’t get a whole lot of feeling from any of their songs.

Now, back to the beginning. The first artist I listened to was Patsy Cline, and I adore her. I looked forward to listening to country when I was done listening to her. Crazy was the first song I listened to, and it had a sound similar to other non-country artists of the time. It was a sound that I liked, and her voice is beautiful.

Johnny Cash was the next artist that stood out, but I was already slightly familiar with his music. My mom loves him, so when I was in middle and high school, we would listen to it sometimes. The songs I Walk the Lineand Folsom Prison Blues were enjoyable to listen to, and I think its because they were different than all the other songs. I wasn’t crazy about any of the other ones; they were more like talking with music in the background than singing.

Kenny Rogers had more of a rock-and-roll quality than any of the artists, and so I naturally enjoyed his music. Just Dropped In and Coward of the County were my two personal faves.

After Kenny Rogers was Garth Brooks. I had to laugh a little bit when he began to sing because his voice was the epitome of country singer…low and twangy. As I listened to his songs, I found myself swooning a little over the man, and when he was younger he was definitely a looker. The last song I listened to was Rodeo and in an instant all of those feelings were gone – until I realized, that is, that the song I was listening to was him at all. It was a terrible song by somebody else, so I found his actual song and felt better. The Thunder Rolls and The River were the two songs I enjoyed most by him.

Last, but definitely not least, I listened to Willie Nelson. Him and Patsy Cline were are tied for my favorite country artist (from this list, at least…I’ll give you the scoop later). I enjoyed listening to all of his songs, and because I was building a bookshelf at the time, listened to some of them more than once. My personal favorite was Always On My Mind. It reminds me of my parents, for whatever reason. I also discovered that he, too, sings the song The Scientist. This song is the reason I don’t listen to Coldplay; I just can’t stand it. But his version was better, even though I still wasn’t completely sold.

After listening to 70 country songs, I still can’t say that I like country much more than I did before, but now I know that at least I can listen to it and, to some degree, enjoy it. Oh, and thanks for being patient with me!

Do you like country? What do you think of the list? Would you make any revisions to the artist list (or song list, if you’ve been listening)?

New Mommy Syndrome

3 Sep


This is my third attempt at writing this blog. I can only hope that this one is effective, but considering I’m past the first sentence, I’m off to a good start.

My new baby isn’t really a baby at all. He is a 2-year-old dog, who I’ve named Jazz, that I adopted two weeks ago, yesterday.

In my second week, I’ve become more adjusted to having a dog, but in no way is my new mommy syndrome gone. From the moment that I first got the call that Jazz was mine, up until about a week later, I was 30 seconds from breaking down and sobbing uncontrollably.  At the end of that week, being in worse shape than I started, I finally lost control of my emotions and broke down – at work no less. I pulled myself together the best I could, but when I got home I laid down on the couch with my new doggy and cried. I cried, and I cried, and I cried some more.

I was at wits end. I was afraid to leave my home. I was afraid to come home again. I couldn’t think about tomorrow, because the prospect of being tied down by a dog for the next 12 years was too overwhelming to think about. I didn’t eat for the first 3 days. I couldn’t sleep. With every moment he peed in the house, my hopelessness increased. Every poop was unbearable. Plain and simple: I was a total mess.

Unfortunately, Jazz’s story wasn’t simple. I couldn’t just take him back because I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t take him back because I realized I wasn’t a dog person. The truth is there was only one other option. Either I adopted him, or he was put to sleep. It was that outcome that pushed me to adopt him. I had to fight through the pain, just long enough to find the light.

Its been two weeks, and although that doesn’t seem like any respectable length of time, I still haven’t found the light I’ve been searching for. I can leave the house without being sick to my stomach, and I have been eating and sleeping normally, but my life is no where near anything remotely close to normal. I feel guilty when I spend time with my friends, and I feel guilty when I would rather take him out for 5 minutes to go potty, than walk him for 45. I feel guilty when I see how great of a dog he is, and he is great.

Sure, he is indifferent about most things dogs love. He could care less about tennis balls, rope toys, toys, or generally anything other than rawhide. It has its perks, and it means he doesn’t chew my furniture or shoes. He enjoys water, and likes the cats. He rarely barks or jumps. He likes other dogs and is easy to train. He loves people more than anything. How can I have so much anxiety about a dog that is so perfect? These are things I think about every second, of every day. There isn’t a moment that passes that I don’t wonder where he is at or what he is doing.

Apparently, this is all just new mommy syndrome.

If I could rewind time, there is no way I would change my decision. I love Jazz, I do. He has had positive impacts on my life, and I do enjoy spending time with him.

Yesterday was what I like to call “a good day”. On good days, I wake up and don’t feel doom in the pit of my stomach. On good days, I look forward to being a dog owner. These days are really dependent on my schedule. When I got home yesterday, I sat around for a good 30 minutes to an hour, and then I packed up the pup and we went to the dog park. If I could spend every day at the dog park, all days would be good days. Being outside, and watching my pup play with the other pups is so pleasurable. I have no stress when we are at the dog park.

The day before that wasn’t a good day. It was what we don’t talk about. Days like that I find my fuse is just a tad bit too short, and my desire to be independent is all-consuming.

Fast forward to today, and although it wasn’t a good day, it wasn’t unspeakably terrible. It was nice to come home and love on him.

Two weeks later, my stress level is still more than doubled. I’m managing, though. I grit my teeth and try to come to a compromise. No one seems to quite understand what new mommy syndrome is like, and I don’t think I fully believe that it will go away, but that is the misunderstanding that keeps us all being individuals. Friends try to help, and in one breath I don’t want help. In the next breath, I’m just thankful that I’ve made it long enough to contemplate if I need help.

If there is one thing this experience is teaching me, it must definitely be that I will never be able to raise children. Oh, and that perseverance will keep your head above the water, even if its just barely enough to breathe.

Have you ever had “new mommy syndrome”? Was it with children or a pet? How did you cope?