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A Woman’s WingMAN

8 Jul

I’ve never had a wing, but if I was going to a choose a wing,  I have a couple of options. I can choose a wing woman for myself, or a wing man.

Generally, men tend to have wing men and women have wing women (or something…do wing women even exist?), because you want to attract a mate of the opposite sex (or I do, at least), and you might be sending them mixed signals if you are with your guy friend.

It’s kind of like you want to look thinner and prettier…you invite your fatter, uglier friend along.

But there is the option of taking your opposite sex buddy along with you. I feel like if I took my best guy friend to the bar as my wing man, that I was actually interested in him. If he offered to be my wing man, I’d speculate he might be interested in me. If neither of those were true, I think other guys would assume I was taken, and would not approach me. Maybe with a good enough wing man, he strikes up conversation with the man of interest and talks you up.

I’d still be leary, if I was a man. But I’m not.


Men, would you approach a woman if her wing was a man? Women, would you approach a man if his wing was a woman? Do you find “wings” effective when picking up people? Have you ever been a wing, and do you enjoy it? 

Inter-Religion Marriage

4 Sep

A comment, made by @ANVRSADDAY, on my previous blog about mistakes made me think about something I don’t often think about: inter-religion marriage.

In my own life, I can’t say that I would never marry someone with religious beliefs different than mine, but if I did he would have to have pretty relaxed beliefs, and could in no way be a die-hard religious fanatic. For me, though, its a little different because I don’t believe in God. That, in itself, pins me against almost every religion. With those people who do believe in a God, there is a vast number of combinations of denominations and religions that can work together.

Even if I did believe in God, the implications of having different religions would be minimal. I think the biggest reason its a complication in a marriage, is the decision of what to raise the child as. I’m not having children, so that is of no concern to me (although I do believe children should be exposed to as many religions as possible, and allowed to make their own choice).

Would you be comfortable marrying someone of a different religion than you? Do you think its okay for other people

My Expectations, Revised

3 Sep


A while ago I posted about how people are always telling me to lower my expectations. After reading through a few comments, I decided to revise my list. Here is the new list:

1. Must be at least mildly attractive

2. Must have a life-long quest for knowledge, and the ability or desire to converse intelligently with me (and/or a degree)

3. Must have a good job and/or love their job or is working toward one and/or has a direction in life (see above)

4. Doesn’t smoke or do drugs

5. Drinks at most occasionally and does so responsibly

6. Must like animals

7. Must be sincere, honest, and deserving of my trust