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Aside 17 Feb

Confession time:

I just want someone to kiss me, touch my boobs, and tell me I’m pretty.

Worst. Kiss. Ever.

18 Jul

We’ve all had them – those kisses that were just so bad not only did they not turn you on, but they turned you off.

I’ve had two terrible kisses in my life. One was my first kiss (you know it’s bad when you’ve never been kissed and you still know the kiss horrible), and the other was a kiss that I didn’t want to have. That one was bad because I tried to pull away after I felt the kiss was “done”, and got a hand to the back of the head pulling me back in, and a tongue forced down my throat. Not pleasant.

But, while I thought these were awful, not everyone considers the same type of kiss good or bad. I happen to think Shia Labeouf looks like an amazing kisser, but friends of mine thinks he looks sloppy and gross.

Some things are hit or miss, really…like nibbling. Some people really enjoy it, and others don’t. If it’s done well, I think its super hot.

What was the worst kiss you’ve ever had? What makes a kiss bad

30 Day Letter Challenge: Dear Last Person I Kissed

27 Jun

Dear Last Person I Kissed,

You were a good kisser. Hopefully, I wasn’t so out of practice that I was a bad kisser.

Always, Me