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That Time You Didn’t Wear Deodorant

12 Apr

I was listening to John Jay and Rich on the radio the other morning, and their program “Second Date Update” came on. As it turns out, the reason this lady didn’t get a second date was because she smelled. Bad. And it was strong.

But when she got on the phone, the listeners, along with the guy who was upset by her smell, found out that she doesn’t use anti-perspirant/deodorant. Her reasoning for this was because she didn’t want to put all of those chemicals in her body, and that went along with branded soaps and things of that nature.

The funny part was how offended she got because he thought she smelled bad and that was why he didn’t want to date her.

I’m sorry, but if you are making a conscious choice not to use something to stop yourself from smelling like B.O., you don’t have any right to be angry because someone doesn’t want to smell you. I have to say that I don’t want to be intimate with someone who smells bad, even if you take 5 showers a day.

And I don’t think that’s shallow. At all.

I do [kind of] understand not wanting to put excess chemicals in your body, but our hygiene products are designed how they are with the ingredients that they have because they work. I’ve yet to meet a person who uses Tom’s brand deodorant (?) who doesn’t smell bad. And I’ve even had someone tell me that it just plain doesn’t work.

Should she be offended that she didn’t get a call-back because she smells? Is that shallow? What other similar stories do you have?

A Whole New Meaning to “Phone Sex”

9 Jun


We are ever connected by technology to our friends, our family, even our work, to the point at which it seems talking on the phone is obsolete. Nonetheless, we still get the occasional phone call, and sometimes it even lands while we are getting hot and heavy with our partners.

Personally, I think it would be rude to answer the phone under any circumstance, and especially if it is anything other than a phone call. I understand, though, that other people may not see it as being an issue. If your phone does happen to ring while doing the dirty, you have three options: let it ring, hit “ignore”, or answer it. If you choose to answer it, you can either say you’re busy and you’ll call them back (I see voicemail being just as good of an option) or you can keep talking.

I can’t imagine stopping sex to talk to anyone. Is it really that important? I’ve heard this so many times, though, from friends and strangers (via FML, etc). Most recently, it was an FML about a girl who stopped in the middle of having sex, and talked to her ex for an hour. If it was my relationship, I think there would need to be ground rules set if I was ever in this situation

Do you think its okay to answer your phone while you are having sex? If your partner stopped to answer the phone, how would you react, and what if they kept going? Is it important enough to set ground rules? Is it ever okay to answer a text while having sex?