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That Time I Felt Like a Hipster

26 Mar

Oh, hipsters.

I’ll be honest and say that I’m not terribly sure what qualifies you as a hipster. I kind of get it, but only kind of. If I’m “in the loop” enough, one of the qualifying factors is feeling privileged about knowing bands, fashion, or whatever is cool before it becomes popular with the masses.

So many of us do like things before they become “mainstream” and I’m no exception. Maybe I’m super trendy and am just unaware, or maybe I’m privy to fashion and decor trends before others are. I find that I struggle all the time in trying to find certain decor items or fashion items, and then the next year they are everywhere.

It gets so frustrating, not because I feel like I didn’t get credit, but because I like instant gratification for both fashion and decor.
Okay…so maybe I would like a little credit…

All I want is a white, ceramic glazed octopus for my bathroom. And a turquoise lamp shade.

Last year it was turquoise birds.

And before that, a cloche hat.

And before that, things with mustaches on them.

But no. It’s never that simple.

Does this make me a hipster, or is there another qualifying factor that I’m missing? What do you search everywhere for, but can never find, especially at an affordable price?