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The Connection

15 Dec

As humans, we are constantly searching for that connection with another that makes us feel whole. That “special” connection.

Me? I’m just out for a connection. A real, true, deep connection with someone.

I don’t think many people pass through our lives with whom we find that connection with. It’s almost like being drawn to someone, for reasons you can’t explain. It’s more than butterflies, more than a heart-to-heart chat. I think I’ve been lucky enough to have the connection with a handful of people, and it is most unfortunate when those people live nowhere near you.

I have a couple of folks who read my blogs, a lovely miss April and dashing sir Daniel, whom for reasons unbeknownst to me, I’m drawn to. It feels like we should be fighting the good fight together. Alas, we live in vastly different parts of the country. I can’t even say that we talk a whole lot…I read their stuff, they read my stuff. But it’s there. Something. Not sure why I feel drawn to them, but I do.

It is these kinds of connections I think we all are in search of. Something that surpasses speech and discussion. I can only liken it to an unspoken connection of the soul.

I think there are others. Other friends, lovers, strangers. Sometimes I think our consciousness drowns out these connections, as our logic and reasoning can do amazing things.

Have you found your connection?


The Oddity of the Dream Stranger

14 Aug

Our dreams are filled with many things. Some are inexplicably weird, and others ring too true to reality.

I’ve always found the people that weave in and out my dreams interesting, and the reasons they are there, intriguing. Most recently, I met with a fellow whom I am unfamiliar with…he is a complete stranger. What is even more curious, is I’ve had two dreams about this fellow, and it was as if I had stopped watching a TV show that had continued on without me. Time had passed, and we were both aware of it.

Odd, don’t you think?

The thing I find most strange is that my mind has been able to create a whole, unique person without my conscious awareness. Personality, body, and face were all created without me acknowledging that I was doing so. Of course, when in my awake state, I can create characters but even then, they don’t ever feel as real.

Perhaps I passed a fellow in the street and my subconscious latched onto him, and then it compiled personality traits I like, but I still find it fascinating.

What I would like to believe more is that this man of my dreams is actually a person out there that I have a connection with who I will find one day and live happily ever after with. And I think a small part of me does believe that, because the interaction was so multi-dimensional.

Have you ever dreamed about a complete stranger that you’ve never even seen? Which explanation for my dream do you want to be true? What is your explanation? Do you think there is an interconnectedness between our fellow man that we may be able to traverse wide expanses of area without ever leaving our beds?

30 Day Letter Challenge: Dear Stranger

17 Jun

Dear Stranger,

I hope that when I look at you and smile, you don’t think I’m creepy. I hope that you know that I am an ally in this struggle we call life, and I hope that you take my smile, know it will all be okay, and help someone else realize the same.

I hope that when avoid eye contact, you don’t think I’m rude. I’m just having a rough day, is all. Or I might just need some time to myself. Life is more frustrating some days than others. Hopefully, you don’t take to heart that I don’t want to be your hero today. Some days, I need a hero.

I hope that when you see me you see a human being, just like yourself. That’s really all I am, even on my best days. Ask me for help, I’ll give you all I can. Push me away, and I’ll give you your space. Say hi, and I’ll undoubtedly say hi back. Why? Because you are a human being, just like me.

I know you don’t know me, but if you look deep inside I think you could get an idea of who I am. Never forget it…we’re only human.

Always, Me

Human Euthanasia: Could It Be a Good Thing?

28 May


Euthanasia of animals in controversial, even among those who love animals more than anything else. The reason it gets done is because there aren’t enough homes for all of the lovely animals in this world, and because urban environments allow populations of animals to grow past carrying capacity, which causes suffering of the animals.

There was once a man, Jack Kevorkian, who believed that human euthanasia could be useful. He wasn’t alone, and he never will be alone in that belief. The problem with human euthanasia is the need for a system to designate what would be within the law, and what would not. The circumstances under which human euthanasia would be acceptable could range from requests by terminally ill patients looking to end their own suffering, to requests by depressed patients who would otherwise lead a normal life. Beyond that, human euthanasia could be applied to those not contributing to society, or cause us to make judgment calls about the quality of life for extremely mentally or physically disabled people. We also have a tendency to be more attached to humans than we do animals, and the grieving process takes longer, so the lives of those who know the person in question would also need to be taken into account.

Keep in mind, we already use euthanasia to end the lives of prisoners. 

It could very well have the same implications that animal euthanasia does. It could decrease the amount that humans have overpopulated the world, which would help to decrease suffering not only in underdeveloped countries, but even our own back yards. The sick would no longer have to suffer, and those who wanted to end their pain, would have the option.

What do you think about human euthanasia? Do you think that terminally ill patients who may be suffering should have the right to choose their own fate? What kind of regulations would you propose if it was legal? Do you think capital punishment should be outlawed?