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10 Daffodils and Some Strangers

21 Mar


1 daffodil for a person who doesn’t deserve to be in my life – kill them with kindness
1 daffodil for my chiropractor
2 daffodils for the cashiers at RiteAid
2 daffodils for the ladies in the parking lot, who went out of their way to compliment my flowers
1 daffodil for one half of a couple in the WalMart parking lot
1 daffodil for my other half at work
1 daffodil for the shelter veterinarian
1 daffodil for a lovely friend who I got to watch Cinderella with

And that equals 10 daffodils I gave away to celebrate the Spring Equinox.

[Hopefully] Happy New Year

31 Dec

While I know that when I wake up tomorrow, life won’t be suddenly rainbow and butterflies, but with the beginning of a new year upon us, I can only hope that the next one will be better.

I hope that it will be a time of healing, a time of self-discovery, a time of exploration, and most of all…a time of happiness.

The past year and a half has challenged me with multiple deaths, homelessness, losing friends, and more downs than ups. I can’t imagine what life could possibly throw at me in the coming year that would beĀ worse.

Actually, I can imagine. But I’d rather not.

I’d rather just hope that the universe has kept me down and out for long enough, and that I’m on my way up.

I sure could use a bit of that happiness I hear of…


Quote 20 Apr

Hey! I was never happy…I was just less pissed off.

-Hyde, That 70’s Show