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Off to the Emergency Room…

10 Aug

Friends and family,

I just discovered this week that I needed to ALSO replace my coolant recovery tank in my car. Just before I was prepared to buy the part and put it in myself (so that I didn’t have to pay an expensive mechanic), I landed myself in the ER with a hand injury requiring stitches and a few trips to orthopedics because I broke a finger, too. Now, the money I had to put into trying to fix part of my car is all going to medical bills.

Again, the car takes a back seat to other expenses.

Anything you can give will help, no matter how small and insignificant it may be to you. If you can’t give, please share so that I might be able to fulfill my need of a reliable car.

Thanks! <3


Donate to my GoFundMe here or share this post (or this link, or BOTH: gofund.me/2grfuuc)

The IDEA Awards: AmoeBand

1 Aug


The AmoeBand didn’t win the IDEA Awards this year, but it was a finalist and definitely deserved to be. Of course, you might say “well, I could’ve thought of that!” and chances are that you could have, but you didn’t. Thats why it deserves to be a finalist!

It looks like a typical square band-aid, but by taking a closer look you can see that it is actually multi-purpose. You can cut it in various ways to be either your regular run-of-the-mill bandage, or you can cut it to fit joints or fingertips. Both of those types of bandages already exist, but having them all in one place at your disposal is pretty cool.

If you aren’t impressed yet, here is my favorite part: this bandage also measures the pH of the wound its protecting to let you know if you have an infection or not. An infected wound is usually between pH 6.5 and 8.5, and when this is detected by the band-aid a little white indicator cross in the middle turns purple. Now, I don’t usually worry too much about infection, but this could’ve been especially useful when I got bit by a cat at work recently! I can only imagine how much more settled I would’ve felt if I would’ve had this kind of indicator.

It’s also not racist! It comes in multiple skin tones, so if you don’t want to advertise your wound to the world you can have a little more discretion. It comes in a box similar to a matchbox, and it has braille instructions. How neat!

Are you as excited about this as I am? Would you buy this over a variety pack of bandages?