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Fatal Attraction

24 Apr


The most primal attraction to another human being is not a choice. I will stand by this statement to my death (or until science strongly supports the opposite).

That being said, there are many times in which you find yourself attracted to someone who isn’t right. This could be someone who is sub-par to your standards for whatever reason, or someone who is just unavailable. It happens to the best of us. We find ourselves being attracted to the cute guy or lady, and come to find after we are already twice past head-over-heels, that they are in a relationship. Or, for some of us, we are well-aware that this person is taken, but that doesn’t stop us from being attracted to them. It only really stops us [sometimes] from making a move.

I’ve experienced all of the above before, and it usually just sucks. The hardest part for me is knowing what is acceptable and unacceptable as a friend once you find out this person is taken.  I always find myself second-guessing my actions. Should I invite him over by himself, or should I make sure and invite the girlfriend? Is it acceptable to hug him goodbye like the rest of my friends? Is what I’m doing going to be interpreted wrong? Personally, I don’t care. Personally, if you have a problem with our friendship, get over it. Personally, I don’t treat people differently just because of their relationship status.

Should I? How do you treat new friends you are attracted to, once you find out they are taken? Do you change how you act around old friends, once they get a significant other? How do you deal with the fact that you are attracted to them, and cannot possibly have them? Have you ever knowingly been “the other woman/man”?