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30 Days of Online Dating: Day 8

6 Dec

This is a busy week for me, so I’m hoping come Wednesday/Friday I’ll be a little more active and have a little more to report. I have, however, pushed myself to interact with the website at least once every day, regardless of what else is going on.

It does seem that a lot of you…and I mean a LOT…seem to think very highly of OKCupid. I don’t think I can juggle more than one dating site at a time, so keep an eye out for 30 Days of Online Dating, Part Deux when my HowAboutWe subscription is up.

And thanks to one loyal reader, I found this little gem: http://www.puzzele.com/datingsite/index.php

I would think that if there is ChristianMingle, BlackPeopleMeet, FarmersOnly, and a host of others, you would think that there would be a credible niche dating site for those who don’t want children. I’m not that rare of a breed, am I? Does this mean I’m going to die alone? Probably.

In case you’re wondering on my stats, I’m “intrigued” on 4 fellas today. No word from mister New Mexico, so I guess unless I call him that ship sailed.

So, dearest readers, until tomorrow…I bid you adieu.

What should me dating style be…more dates or more “compatibility”?