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The Clothes That Make the Man

21 Aug


Today was the first day of classes at my university. I’m starting by 5th year victory lap.

As I was walking to my Biochemistry class, head held high and eyes forward, my eyes met those of a mildly unattractive college peer. After averting my gaze, I found myself looking back at, of all things, his shirt. It was a green tee with a picture of a stick man and woman in wedding garb (see above), with the words “Game Over” printed below.

Although I like a very well put together man, I can appreciate a good tee, but I realized that shirt was a sort-of would-be date deal breaker. Any man who tried to put on the charm while wearing that shirt would probably get shut down immediately.

Does clothing ever dictate whether or not you would date someone? Does it influence your attraction? What is the sexiest every-day-wear for your man (or woman)?