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The Selfie Game: Winner

6 Dec

Thanks to the [few] people who played the selfie game! I’ve posted the winner and the break-down of which pictures were selfies and which ones weren’t below.

First, as you may have expected, there was a deeper reason to me making a post riddled with pictures of myself. The reason is that the term “selfie” carries the connotation that every picture is for self-absorbed reasons for people who have no friends, and must resort to make duck-faces in the mirror (see above picture). The truth is that a good picture is a good picture. Most of the people I know don’t know how to take a portrait of someone else, and I often find myself doing things alone. I’m perfectly okay with that, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want a good picture of me doing these things. Instead of awkwardly asking a stranger to take a picture of me that will end up either accenting all the wrong features, or too blurry to make out, I just take a selfie.

Or, if there are two of us, and I want a picture with both of us in it, it is just as easy to flip the camera around and take one of both of us from a flattering angle, than to set up a timer and hope for the best.

The point: before you scoff at “selfies” think about if it is actually the self-portrait you have problems with (and why, because that’s really weird), or the fact that duck faces and mirror pictures are poor quality and not flattering.

Here is the breakdown:

Rules: Tell me if each picture IS a selfie, or is NOT a selfie.


1. Selfie (I absolutely loved this door)


2. Selfie (Went on a solo photography trip)


3. Not a selfie (however, I do have a picture like this that was a selfie – not as good as this one)


4. Selfie (LOVE this picture – some lady took a picture of me just before this, wasn’t half as good)


5. Not a selfie (llama kisses are the best kind of kisses)

Bonus: My blog picture, to the right – selfie


6. Not a selfie


7. Selfie, taken by me (not the best picture of either of us)


8. Selfie, taken by me (love this picture BECAUSE its not the best of either of us)


9. Selfie, taken by me (GO RAMS!)


10. Not a selfie (nor was it taken by the other girl)


11. Not a selfie (one of the best pictures someone else has taken of me, ever)


12. Not a selfie


13. Not a selfie


14. Not a selfie (I was also in this picture to her right, and it was me who took the picture)

And the winner is…..


Thanks for playing everyone! Amy (who only missed ONE) will receive a $10 Amazon gift card, as well as a home-made purse organizer to keep all of her necessities sorted and on hand whenever she needs them!