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Cancer Will NOT Take Over My Life

5 May

Take a look at the image above. Now replace all of the “possible side effects” with cancer.

That about sums up all the things on this planet. A little too much of anything and it can give you cancer. Why? Because all it takes is one wrong mutation in the DNA of a cell, and it will grow and replicate rapidly and out of control.

I’m a smart girl. I don’t do stupid things like smoke, but I’m not about to shut myself away from the world in order to stop something like this. The reason I bring this up is because today in my pharmacology class, we learned that deep fried potatoes of any sort increase the risk of cancer (and its not the fat or grease, its theĀ potatoes). You know what else? So does cooking red meat and poultry above 120 degrees, and the point at which the FDA says you should cook meat is 140 degrees. Oh, eggs cause cancer, too!

I have sympathy for anyone who is unfortunate enough to have cancer. I hope that I never get cancer. But some things I’m just not willing to do.

What are some things that cause cancer that you think are ridiculous? Do you agree with me?