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Thoughts on Body Hair

22 Jul

For quite a while I was very against body hair. I’ll blame it on my youth – when you’re 14, body hair doesn’t seem normal.

I’m still very much against hair on my own body. I made a comment recently that if I could get rid of all of the hair on my body, I totally would. Keep in mind this excludes hair on my head and my eyebrows/eyelashes.

Someone replied saying that you don’t get to choose, and so I would actually not have any hair, and not having any hair is horrible.

Well, last time I checked, wishes don’t really come true, tricky genies don’t exist, and I can choose which areas of my body I can get laser hair removal on.

So, yes. I would remove all of my body hair. Permanently.

On other people, however, I’ve found that I don’t really have an opinion on their body hair (back hair is what I feel most strongly about, but definitely not as strongly as I used to). As long as men are well-groomed, it’s fine (there is a limit, but I really only know it when I see it). Women – not my business.

And as a side note, while I’ve never seen it, apparently shoulder hair exists.

How do you feel about body hair? On yourself? Your significant other? When is it too much? Too little? What are some dos and don’ts of grooming and body hair?

Body Image: My Perspective

12 Sep

Body image in respects to having a “positive” or “negative” view of it is shaped by how we think other people see us, how we see ourselves, and how we think we should see ourselves. Hypothyroidism and weight gain go hand in hand, and I’ve struggled my entire life with both. Part of my struggle with the way I see myself, is that what I see in the mirror, what I see in pictures, and what I look at when I’m just sitting here or walking around and I look down. And before you read on, please understand how personal body image is.

That girl in the picture? Such is a fat kid (I refer to myself as a fat kid in the most endearing way possible).

That girl in the mirror? Definitely a chunk.

That girl I see when I look down? So average-sized.

I can’t really explain why the three images are so different. It does bring to light how altered the images of those with anorexia and bulimia are. If you haven’t thought about it, I challenge you to do so. What I see when I look down gives me sort of a “skinny girl” outlook. The way I hold myself, my confidence, and how I dress all reflect that. The person I see when I look in the mirror is what makes me confident to smile at people walking down the street. What I see in pictures is what causes me to assume that men have no interest in me as I pass them on the street, and how I accept that I am no 10.

So with that, I bring you what I see, when I look down. I’m sure that my perception of these pictures and your perception of these pictures is different, but I think its interesting, nonetheless. This is how I see myself:



How do you see yourself? 

Why Does Everyone Have Tattoos?

18 May

I’m a tattoo lover. Of quality tattoos, that is.  It really depends on the person, what the tattoo is of, and where its at. For example, this tattoo I like (not super hairy, colorful, clean edges, located on the shoulder):

And I like this one too (very simple, and I assume meaningful, inside of the bicep – and I’m just in love with Olan Rogers):

I can even get on board with this (completely covering forearms – I’m in love with Steve Gonsalves, too):

But then you have tattoos like this, that I just think are unattractive (I’ve only actually seen one leg tattoo I liked):

Or this one, and I love animals (I rather dislike single object, smaller, bicep tattoos):

And then there is the good old unattractive text tattoo (which is only good in discrete places, in something other than gothic lettering):

I noticed a coworkers tattoo today for the first time. Then I thought about all the other people I know – another coworker has a really awesome tattoo on his upper arm – and it seems as though I’m one of very few people who actually doesn’t have a tattoo. I’ve already said I like them, and I wouldn’t mind getting one, but I’ve yet to find anything in my life that has struck me to be something I want permanently on my body. I guess I just like to change what I look like every day. I loved my lip ring, but there were definitely days when I just wanted to take it out. Maybe I’m just destined to be the girl who never got a tattoo, and when I think about that…it kind of makes me feel left out.

Do you have any tattoos, and how many? What do you think are the most attractive and least attractive places to get a tattoo? What is your general opinion of tattoos (like them, hate them, think they are unattractive on the opposite sex, etc)? Show me pictures?