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Inspiring People

9 Dec

What is a relationship but two people exchanging ideas, beliefs, values…each other?


I find that a relationship isn’t worth having unless you are exchanging these things with the other person. If you aren’t growing, and you aren’t learning, then what’s the value? This is something that I feel in the core of my being, and something I refuse to lose sight of.  When I am in a relationship, I will undoubtedly incorporate something about them into myself. Sometimes it is something I’m consciously aware of, and sometimes it isn’t.

So with that, it seems that I have surrounded myself with many truly inspiring people.

Jessica inspires me to get in touch with my creative side. To go out of the boundaries that I’m used to. To get in touch with the organic side of life.
Allison just so happened to inspire a snort that I can’t seem to shake.
Meghan inspires in me the wholesomeness of being down to earth.
Melissa inspires me to get back to my roots, and keep in touch with the parts of life that I tend to forget.
Michelle inspires me to take that part of me that I try to keep in check so well, and let it run wild.
Andrew inspires adventure that I sometimes need teased out of me.
Amber reminds me to chase my dreams, and that I’ll reach them.
Nathan inspires friendship, no how much distance, time, or trouble separates it.

You all inspire me to write. To create. To love. To be adventurous. Spontaneous. To seek knowledge.

Every single friend I have I’ve shared something with. A moment or a look. An idea or value. And at the end of the day, it isn’t what I’m inspired to do or be, but who inspired me and how that has shaped me.

Inspiration. It’s the breath of life.

Who inspires you? 

30 Day Letter Challenge: Dear Stranger

17 Jun

Dear Stranger,

I hope that when I look at you and smile, you don’t think I’m creepy. I hope that you know that I am an ally in this struggle we call life, and I hope that you take my smile, know it will all be okay, and help someone else realize the same.

I hope that when avoid eye contact, you don’t think I’m rude. I’m just having a rough day, is all. Or I might just need some time to myself. Life is more frustrating some days than others. Hopefully, you don’t take to heart that I don’t want to be your hero today. Some days, I need a hero.

I hope that when you see me you see a human being, just like yourself. That’s really all I am, even on my best days. Ask me for help, I’ll give you all I can. Push me away, and I’ll give you your space. Say hi, and I’ll undoubtedly say hi back. Why? Because you are a human being, just like me.

I know you don’t know me, but if you look deep inside I think you could get an idea of who I am. Never forget it…we’re only human.

Always, Me