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A Woman’s WingMAN

8 Jul

I’ve never had a wing, but if I was going to a choose a wing,  I have a couple of options. I can choose a wing woman for myself, or a wing man.

Generally, men tend to have wing men and women have wing women (or something…do wing women even exist?), because you want to attract a mate of the opposite sex (or I do, at least), and you might be sending them mixed signals if you are with your guy friend.

It’s kind of like you want to look thinner and prettier…you invite your fatter, uglier friend along.

But there is the option of taking your opposite sex buddy along with you. I feel like if I took my best guy friend to the bar as my wing man, that I was actually interested in him. If he offered to be my wing man, I’d speculate he might be interested in me. If neither of those were true, I think other guys would assume I was taken, and would not approach me. Maybe with a good enough wing man, he strikes up conversation with the man of interest and talks you up.

I’d still be leary, if I was a man. But I’m not.


Men, would you approach a woman if her wing was a man? Women, would you approach a man if his wing was a woman? Do you find “wings” effective when picking up people? Have you ever been a wing, and do you enjoy it?