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That Time I Knocked on a Strangers Door

20 Mar

On my 40 minute drive home, exciting things rarely happen. That’s usually for the best.

Outside of driving off the side of the road, the most exciting thing to happen as of recent was an encounter with a llama. You can bet I was thrilled.

Okay…so it wasn’t really an encounter…more like…an escaped llama minding its own business on the side of a road. But hey, I work for an animal shelter, and escaped livestock can be a real bother. I also didn’t want him to get hit by a car. Llamas are the handsomest of livestock, after all.

There aren’t many things to do when you happen upon an escaped llama, but I decided to knock on its owners door to let them know. It was awkward, but when they didn’t come to either door, it actually felt more awkward. I don’t know why, but it did. Hopefully their chickens are “free-roaming”, too, because otherwise they have an escaped llama AND escaped chickens.

It also appeared that they farm fresh eggs they advertised on their fence were free and kept in a cooler by the door. I didn’t inspect them, but from the looks of their area, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Have you ever knocked on a strangers door for anything? Ever encountered roaming livestock – did you do anything about it?

Reliving Embarrassing Moments

11 Sep


Some days, like today, I’ll be walking around, minding my own business. Then, out of no where a memory of something stupid I’ve done previously will pop into my head, and all the feeling of the moment will come rushing back.

Today, it was one that is quite frequent in my mind. I often get crushes on my TA’s, and even a class as terrible as Organic Chemistry lab isn’t an exception. It was more like a pseudocrush due to his position than a real crush. For the entire semester, I couldn’t help but think he looked like Michael Sheen from Dirty, Filthy Love. When the last day of lab came, I decided to tell him, and his ‘and why do I care’ reaction caused me to over-elaborate on who the character was (since he hadn’t seen the film). I proceeded to tell him about the sex scene that the character and his ex-wife have, and how he barks when he orgasms. I’m pretty sure I even showed him the clip from that scene.

Um. Awkward.

So, yeah. I relived that today. And various other times since then (and that was 3 and 1/2 years ago).

What embarrassing moments do you relive often enough to wish you didn’t?

10 Jun

And turn up the charm, Ziva. You’re a geek, not mentally deranged.

–Agent Gibbs, NCIS

How I Deal With Being Socially Awwkward

3 Jun

There are so many different types of socially awkward, that I can’t blog about every single one. They range from socially inept, to delightfully out-of-touch. It has a little bit to do with who you are, and a lot to do with how you treat it.

I’m definitely more toward the “delightfully out-of-touch” but I’m not quite there. Honestly, I really embrace my awkwardness; I revel in awkward moments, but I also find delight in the fact that I can turn them around and use them to my advantage. How do I deal?

Well, first I usually announce that I’m socially awkward. Its something along the lines of “Pardon my social awkwardness.” This relieves any pressure I have by my peers to be anything other than awkward. Then, I live it up! Random questions that have nothing to do with the task at hand? I’m a pro! Inability to enjoy small talk with my peers? Not a problem, just apologize and make an awkward joke! Those awkward moments of silence? I got it…respond with “Well…This is awkward…”

A great example of this is my “performance” at the Christmas party at work. Yes, the work Christmas party. Now, I’m not any good at mingling. I may go “stag” to almost every event I attend, but I usually find one person I know and glue myself to their side. This was a perfect opportunity to “mingle”! I was in good spirits, and as I chose my seat, a couple of the new girls had hoped I’d sit with them, but someone had already sat down. No big deal for the socially awkward me! I ate my food, talked a little bit, and then left to sit with them. My line of the night: “Don’t mind me, I’m just pretending I’m not socially awkward and ‘mingling’.” That allowed me enough wiggle room to bounce back and forth between the two tables easily, but also let me make jokes about how socially awkward I am.

This brings me back to my first point. There are different types of socially awkward. I work with animals, and let me just say that animal people, more often than not, are socially awkward on some level. I work with some people who I’d think were lying if they said they were awkward, but most are at least to some degree.

So I may not be socially inept, but I like being awkward. I use it to my advantage, and I enjoy it!

Are you socially awkward? How do you deal with it? If you aren’t, how do socially awkward people make you feel?