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Aside 28 Feb

I would make sweet, sweet love to David Duchovny. And by “sweet, sweet love” I mean I would fuck him so hard.

Sexier Before Weight Loss

3 Sep

Not all people look¬†better¬†skinny, than they did when they had a few more pounds on them. I’m not talking about going from skinny, to skinnier (that anorexic look). I’m talking about going from overweight, to average/healthy.

Everyone says that they try to lose weight “because they want to be healthy”, but I would say over 90% of those people are doing it to look better, and healthiness just happens to be a side effect. Who knows? Maybe I just like some meat on my men.

Do you know of people who actually looked better and were more attractive when they were heavier? If I told you that you would be uglier and less desirable after you lost weight, would you still aim to lose the weight?