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Children as the Future of Religious Intolerance

8 Sep


Here at Colorado State University, we have a place reserved for anyone who needs a moment to utilize their right to free speech. Its called the plaza, and on any given day you can find a score of people talking about everything from the environment, to politics, to abortion.

Today’s feature presentation was by a religious group advocating on getting in to heaven. It was some very conservative religious group, as all of the female members were wearing long sleeved and long skirted dresses, with high collars and scarves covering their hair. A man, whom I presume to be from the same group, was making a speech about sin and how we need to accept God into our lives. Its been an hour since I’ve been there, and I can only imagine that its starting to get out of hand. People don’t much like to be told they are sinning and going to hell, and as college students we do like to use our voices against it.

What was different about this group of people, was that they were congregated as families. A family here, and a family there. As I was walking off of the plaza, a woman standing there with her husband and young (about age 7 I’d say) daughter were standing there handing out little cards. The mother was ignored by a girl in passing, and handed her daughter the stack of cards. The next girls both took cards from the little girl. Not everyone is as nice. Not everyone will accept her cards.

I find both good and bad in this situation. This child will face rejection, and she may or may not know why. This can be a good thing; she might rise up and be stronger because of it. In the same breath, she may not. My biggest problem with it is that she is not old enough to make a logical decision about her beliefs, and she shouldn’t be advocating for her parents’. She was also in an area that could get very heated, very fast and words can be very powerful to someone so young.

Do you think its wrong for her parents to have her hand out these pamphlets? 

Why I’m Not A Feminist

30 Apr


First, let me make a distinction. Just because I don’t call myself a feminist, does not mean I am anti-feminist. I’m not. I just don’t associate strongly with what I believe strong feminist views to be.

The main reason that I don’t consider myself a feminist, is because I know that men and women are different and I’m okay with that. We are physiologically and biologically different. We are hard-wired differently, so it doesn’t make sense to me to be expected to be exactly the same.

Also, in order to be a feminist, I think that you should be an activist for women’s rights, and play an active role to raise awareness. I don’t do this. I’m not saying, by any means, that people shouldn’t do this; it just isn’t what I feel passionate about. I also, for one, have no desire to be drafted into the military – none whatsoever. That is a necessary part of gender equality and it is one that I want no part of.

What seems to be a major part of non-active feminists (ones that associate as feminists but don’t really do anything to further the cause) views is trying to abolish double-standards. Yes, I agree that some double standards shouldn’t be in place. For example, women have the capacity to perform at the same intellectual level as men. My problem with double standards is when women lower their standards and morals to get rid of the double standards. No, women should not be judged for sleeping around differently than men should, but I think that men should raise their standards and not sleep around, rather than women lowering their standards and sleeping around.

My final point uses my personal ability of performance as an example. I’m completely independent of needing men. I don’t need a guy to fix my computer, my vacuum, my car, open a jar, or anything else a man might be “handy” for.  Maybe that is why I don’t feel the need to be less “oppressed” by men…because I don’t feel oppressed to begin with. Some of the people I know to act like feminists most are some of the same women who ask men to open bottles and carry things, and that doesn’t make sense to me either.  That being said, I still enjoy when a man opens the door for me, and does similar thing…but I think that has more to do with the hopeless romantic within me than anything else.

And besides, does any activist group want someone to be part of it if they may be considered a hypocrite? I think if I kept my views, I would be a hypocrite if I called myself a feminist.

So, what do you think? Do you call yourself a feminist?