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Tightening the Abortion Laws

28 Jun

There is currently a bill currently trying to be passed by Republicans in Texas that would apparently put some of the toughest restrictions on abortion in the country.

While I associate more with the liberal side of things, and also consider myself pro-choice, I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around why it is such a terrible bill.

Basically, the bill proposes 3 things:

1) Abortions will be illegal after 5 months (20 weeks, technically)

2) Abortion clinics should operate at the same standards as hospital-level surgical centers.

3) Doctors performing abortions will need to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.

First of all, I firmly believe you should be able to make a decision regarding your body and the body you carry inside of you by the time you are 5 months pregnant. It’s kind of an important decision, and should be of the highest priority. It’s not too long after that that the fetus is viable when removed from the womb.

Second, I think making clinics be at the highest standard possible only ensures the safety of the patient.

Finally, unless I have this completely wrong, doctors should be able to admit patients if something goes wrong.

Another issue with the ban is that incest and rape victims would be some sort of exception, and while I understand these situations are touchy, difficult, and each one is different, I think that you should be able to make a decision about your baby  by 5 months. Again, this is a high-priority decision.

What’s your thoughts? Is 20 weeks really too soon to make a decision? Do you think these proposals are a good idea, or just a ploy to shut down abortion clinics?




So, You’re Not Aborting Your Gay Baby…

16 Jun

First and foremost, I apologize for the horrific and very literal title. I’m not feeling very inspired today.

Now, to the point.

Generally, pro-life people tend to be conservative. Those who oppose marriage equality also tend to be conservative. This isn’t a new thought, or an original one, but would you still support the pregnancy if you knew that the child would be gay?

And how can one support this child be brought into a world, but then deny them such a basic right?

Or. How can a person support bringing a child into life, with the possibility that they will kill themselves, simply because they are gay and the same people that called for them to be born are those who treat them with hate, make fun of them in school, bully them, and deny them the right to be with the person they love the most in this world?

No. All the 30-somethings, 40-somethings, and 50-somethings who are of this mindset aren’t bullying babies being born here and now, but they are raising their children to. Each bully has a parent, and children pick up so easily the beliefs of their parents, that whether you are a homophobe or simply someone who believes in “the sanctity of marriage”, it translates to the same thing.

They are them, and I am us. That makes us different. Different isn’t good.

So, when a gay child or teenager or adult kills themselves, how do you justify all the hate and all the intolerance?

Were they sinners? Is that it? Now they will answer to God.

Or was it selfish? Not only did they make a poor life choice, but they tried to get us to be okay with such an abomination, and then they tried to kill themselves with no regard of their families?

So, conservative folks…which is it? Keep in mind, I’m not saying all conservatives are pro-life and anti-gay rights, and I’m not saying all pro-life and anti-gay rights folks are conservative. I’m just saying that those two things are often the political beliefs held by the same person, but that in practice they seem conflicting.

Do you think these views are conflicting? What is your response to what I wrote?

26 Jun

When it comes to guys who refuse to wear condoms, I have a little speech prepared that goes something like this: Look, guy I almost slept with, I like you a lot. You are smart-slash-funny-slash-charming and/or good looking and a moment ago I wanted to do things to you the likes of which are usually only reserved for fake letters or dirty magazines, but when it comes to having sex I have but one rule – just one – you gotta use a ticket if you wanna ride the ride, which means in addition to that aching sensation you are probably feeling in your shorts right now, I’m going to leave you with one final question that will undoubtedly haunt you for a very long time. Did you honestly think that wearing only a thin layer of well-lubricated latex between our hot, sweaty, pulsing bodies would be worse than spending the morning-slash-afternoon-slash-night alone? Sadly, guy I almost slept with, you will never, ever have the pleasure of knowing for sure!

-Its Your (Sex) Life campaign commercial


Genevieve: A Story

22 May

She was a great mom. Or at least she would’ve been.

It was Spring, and the Earth wanted everyone to know. The flowers were blossoming, and the trees were just coming out of their winter slumber. Life was everywhere, and Genevieve was no exception. Her womb was ripe with life, right alongside the gophers that plagued her garden and the birds who had just built their nest in the newly green tree outside her kitchen window.  She had a good life for herself, and it was true that she would be raising her twins alone, but she would give them a good life also.

There wasn’t a day that went by throughout her pregnancy that Genevieve didn’t rejoice in the feeling of her babies within her. It was only a few more weeks before she could bring them home with her, and begin her newest life chapter. She was lucky enough to be able to take leave from work once the babies were born, but the strain on her body grew every day. Some days she would get home and be unable to even keep herself awake long enough to make sure the house was clean, or to double-check the doors to make sure they were locked. That was the life of a single mother. She probably could’ve gotten help, but she was a strong woman. One day was especially taxing. Genevieve got home late, and sat on her bed to take the shoes off of her tired, swollen feet. She laid back and began to rub them. It was easier this way. She hoped to comfort them; she was sorry they must carry her burden. And then she was asleep.

She awoke to strange, unfamiliar sounds around her. It was rustling, and maybe the sounds of other people, but she couldn’t help but be baffled by why they were in her house, and terrified at what they might want with her. Genevieve groggily opened her eyes, hoping that she wouldn’t see anyone staring back at her. Nothing. That was hopeful, but then she realized that she wasn’t in her bed. She wasn’t in her house. There were bars, and nothing else. Outside these bars was nothing but a plain, gray wall adorned with nothing but a single sign. She tried to read it, but couldn’t. It looked as if someone had made up a language.  Her room was the same dull gray as outside the room, with even less decoration. Her bed was moderately comfortable, and probably the most comforting thing so far. Her thoughts drew away from her vision, and she began to focus on what she was hearing.

It sounded like the creak of a bed. It sounded like someone, or something pacing. Genevieve decided to call out to whomever may be around, in hopes that they could explain the situation. She called out, but nothing escaped her lips. She called out again, but nothing. Perhaps they had taken her voice while she was sleeping, or perhaps the terror that filled her mind did not want her to speak. She tried to let out one more sound, and again was unable to utter a single syllable. Genevieve could feel tears of desperation welling up inside her. The terror of it all was almost unbearable, but then she felt a familiar kick. It was either little Andrew or Elizabeth trying to get her attention. Maybe they were trying to tell Mommy to calm down, that it will be alright, or at least that’s what Genevieve believed. She took a few, deep breaths, and allowed herself to think.

It wasn’t long before they visited her. They were the ones that took her; she didn’t trust them. They brought her food, and decent food at that. Sometimes it was chicken and a salad, and other times it was beef and potatoes. She started counting the days with the number of meals she got, and just hoped that it was three each day. They seemed close enough together that they had to be. Days went by, and each day was exactly like the one before. They brought her food, and she devoured it. They brought her a puzzle, and she completed it. She began to trust them. She hadn’t wanted to at first, but surely they would’ve hurt her by now if they’d wanted to. Maybe trusting them was the key to going home. With Genevieve’s growing trust came growing concern for what would happen when she went into labor. This room wasn’t fit for having babies, or raising babies. Time was not on her side.

Then, a day came that was different than all the rest. They came into her room, and that was something that had not happened before. Not only did they enter through the bars, but they grabbed her by her arms and began ushering her out. They had taken her once, and now they were taking her again. Genevieve didn’t like it and she resisted, but she could only do so much before she put Andrew and Elizabeth in danger. She finally stopped struggling. She let them take her.

As they moved past the other rooms, she could see that what she had been hearing this whole time was other people. Their rooms looked identical to hers, but she felt something different about them all. It was a calm that she hadn’t felt, and still didn’t feel. Maybe that was her mistake. Maybe she didn’t trust them enough, and now they were taking her to a place no one comes back from. Thoughts raced through her head as they took her down the long, gray hallway. Two more of them opened a door, and they were in a room that was different than all the rest.

This room was red, and it had things in it. There were a lot of things, and it struck her to be something of a doctors office. Her realization only made her anxious. Genevieve looked around and took in her surroundings. Nothing looked especially dangerous, but her babies weren’t ready for this world. Genevieve wasn’t sick, either. They never lost their grip on her arms. Suddenly, the two who held open the door grabbed her ankles, and she was being lifted from the ground, swung almost. They were strong. They laid her on a table in the center of the room; Genevieve began to struggle. She twisted and she thrashed around, but to no avail. They quickly overpowered her, and strapped her to the table. Almost immediately, they left and locked all the doors. She didn’t understand, until she began to smell something.

It was a chemical smell, and it was filling the room. Her mind raced, but then almost as if someone had flipped a switch, she began to feel calm, and sleepy.

Genevieve woke up back in the room. The thoughts that filled her head were fuzzy, and dreamlike. It must’ve been a terrible, terrible nightmare. She reached down and placed her hand on her giant tummy, in hopes that Andrew or Elizabeth would give a soft kick, but they weren’t there. Genevieve panicked and sat up. She looked down and there wasn’t a big pregnant belly there any longer. Her womb felt hollow. She frantically jumped off the bed and ravaged her clothing to see if her stomach would offer answers. She got the answer she didn’t want; it was a new, red cut sewn neatly back together. They had taken them. She was dizzy, and as she sat back down, she realized the only thing she knew for certain was that her babies were not here, nor were they in the room they had taken her to. They had murdered her babies.

Days passed as they had before, but Genevieve now felt empty. She stopped eating, and she stopped doing their puzzles. She couldn’t fathom how they expected her to just continue on as if nothing had happened. Her depression soon turned to anger. It was their fault she was here, and it was their fault she felt this way. It was their fault her babies never got to feel her embrace. She began to lash out every time one of them passed. She would jump at them and stick her arms through the bars to swing at them. She wanted them to feel her pain.

More time went by, when one day, one of them came into her room again. It was only one of them. Genevieve was ushered out, more gently than before, and was taken to a new room. It was her only shot to make them feel what she felt, but she knew that they must trust her. She was more than pleasant the entire walk to the new room, and was quite calm as she was guided into it. This one was bigger, with a bigger bed, but the same gray walls. She sat down, and the one that guided her motioned for her to wait. She complied. The one came back, and was carrying a new set of clothing. As the door opened, Genevieve seized her opportunity. She lunged at the one, using all of her rage to give her the strength she needed. She struck, and she bit, and she tore. She used all of her energy, and then fell, crumpled on the floor. The one closed the bars, and left.

Genevieve knew that this was it. She knew the consequences of her actions, but she didn’t care. The only thing she had in this world was her two, lovely little babies living inside of her, and now they were gone. She would never get them back. That’s why she didn’t struggle when they took her down the long hallway. That’s why she didn’t struggle when they strapped her to the table the second time. She accepted it; she knew peace would be soon. They left as they had before, and locked all the doors. This time, the room began to fill with another smell. This time, it was pleasantly sweet. It reminded her of her childhood. Genevieve breathed the scent deeply, and began to feel foggy. It wasn’t the same calmness she had felt before. She felt tired, but strained to stay awake. She strained to think clearly, but she could not. She closed her eyes. I was a great mom.

Pro-life and Freedom of Speech

12 Apr

These pictures are from my university. They have been up all week, and this happens annually. Now, I understand that there is such a thing called freedom of speech listed in our constitution, so I agree they have every right to post these 20 foot tall pictures of dead fetuses. Here’s the problem:

Propaganda such as this only causes the separation between pro-life people and pro-choice people grow.  Pro-choice people go from “abortions should decrease, definitely, but still be a choice” to “kill more babies!” (which, obviously, is just a defense tactic), and thus pro-life people must get defensive. So basically, it causes pro-choice people to get defensive, and pro-life people to force their opinions on a large group of people.

And then we have things that are meant to be condescending to the opposing group, such as the above picture. Asking when we are human, and showing a picture of an elderly woman isn’t very helpful for your cause. Showing the opposite end of the spectrum – cells – also doesn’t help your cause, as pro-choice people already think that abortion should be a choice, and they will just use single cells as support for their argument.
Overall, I think these posters are completely ineffective as a method to sway a population to belief that abortion is wrong. Not to mention that our population is already so desensitized to gruesome images, that even that tactic is less likely to work.
Whats your opinion on posters such as these? Do you think this is an effective strategy?

Georgia Representative Working to Keep Stillborns Inside Women

11 Apr

I recently read an article and watched a video that was somewhat shocking to me, and made me think about a few different issues. Although, Representative Terry England of Georgia never actually states anything about women actually carrying stillborn fetuses to term, it can (and has been, by the article) implied from his ending statement on “killing babies”, such that it becomes a major issue about women’s health.

Basically, Rep. England is stating that because cows and pigs, for example, carry physiologically aborted fetuses (“still born”) to term (or whenever the body finally rejects them) that women should as well.  This is put into the context that if HB 954 is passed (abortions after 20 weeks, approx 5 months, would be illegal) it should also be extended to those women who discover they are carrying a nonviable fetus – either already dead or will not live, for whatever reason, outside the womb/until full term.  England also compares cock-fighting to abortion, by stating that a cock-fighter (who opposes outlawing cock-fighting) says he will give up all of his chickens if women stop “killing babies”.

To put everything into context, and to decide how I felt on all issues at hand (I prefer to know the facts, and make a determination of what I feel is the better option, rather than staying pro-choice/pro-life/whatever on ALL subjects), I looked up information on what level of development a fetus is at at approximately 20 weeks. I watched a nice little video, and this is what I found:

  • The fetus is about the size of a banana.
  • It is beginning to move.
  • Its nervous system is beginning to expand and connect the brain to the body.
  • It can potentially hear you speaking (and other outside sounds).

I have always been pro-choice on this subject, but I think that you should know you are pregnant by 3 months (hello..missed period?) and have made a choice by this point to either keep your child or not.  I think  5 months is plenty of time to make a decision, so I stand by the bill of making abortions past 20 weeks illegal, however, I do think that in circumstances in which the fetus will not live, or has become an endangerment to the mother (as determined by a medical professional), it can be aborted legally after 20 weeks.  Not to mention I can’t imagine aborting something that can voluntarily move, and is as big as a banana. Thats kind of horrific.

Next, I looked up information about consequences of carrying a dead fetus within your womb for any length of time.  I didn’t find a whole lot of information, but I can say that regardless of the lack of relay-able information, that I cannot imagine this to be healthy in any situation. The mental health of the mother, at best, would decrease significantly. I did find a story about a woman and her discovery that the child she was carrying was dead, and how she had to deal with it.  This is a part of what she said:

“I could feel my baby’s dead body inside of mine. This baby had thrilled me with kicks and flutters, those first soft tickles of life bringing a smile to my face and my hand to my rounding belly. Now this baby floated, limp and heavy, from one side to the other, as I rolled in my bed. “

The thought of going through this is sickening to me. And to think that this man wants to make it part of the law. I can’t even imagine.

The last thing that came to my mind really wasn’t related to abortion or stillborn children at all. It was about a discussion/debate I had with a group of friends about clicker-training babies.  One of the arguments was that it only seems wrong because people associate [non-human] animals as being less than humans, and that if we realized that animals and humans are the same, then clicker-training wouldn’t be bad. I feel as though England is using a similar argument to say that humans are the same as animals, and because we allow animals to carry dead fetuses to term that it should also be okay for humans.

How do you feel about shortening the time to get a legal abortion to 5 months? Do you think thats too short, too long, or just right? Do you think women should be forced to carry their expired children within them until their body rejects them, or should they have to option to electively remove the fetus beforehand? What do you think of the mental consequences of having a dead child inside you for x amount of time? Can you imagine how that would feel? Do you think humans and animals should be held to the same standards and would this involve raising standards for animals or lowering standards for humans? What do you think of Representative Terry England? Do you support him?