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DIY Nautical Net-Covered Bottle

11 May

When I moved to this new house, I decided I wanted something different for my bathroom than how I’d decorated it previously. When I took my colors course, I made this little mood-board, and liked it so much that I decided to take it to the next level.

Deep Sea Abyss Bathroom


I like it because it’s masculine, but also because it is less “sea-side” nautical, and more deep sea, old-world nautical.

But, because it’s a little less ordinary than your normal sea-themed bathroom, I’ve had difficulty finding good accessories that are affordable. I made decorated my own shower hooks (tutorial to come, soon), my own shower curtain, and I’ve had to gather odds and ends. Most recently, I came across a bottle similar to the one pictured at the beginning of the post, and I loved it. I already had a use for a glass bottle, but to dress it up like that would be great!

As I do frequently, I set about the interwebs to find a tutorial on how to do it. I found an okay one, but the knotting was less-than-desirable. So, here we go.

First, you’ll need some sort of rope – I used jute. Tie it around the neck of your bottle and knot however you feel most comfortable. It needs to be a little loose, so that you can tie other pieces of rope to it. (Sorry for the poor quality pictures – my camera was dead, so I had to use my broken cellular device.)

Next, cut several pieces of rope, 3-4 times longer than your bottle or jar. I used 5, but you could also go as high as 8-10 depending on how big your jar is. I also went 4 times longer – I tried 3 times longer the first time, and had to start over. Too long of rope is much better than too short of rope, so do what feels most comfortable.

Fold each piece of rope in half, and slip it under the rope tied around the next of the bottle, evenly spacing them.

Then, bring the loose ends up through the loop, and tighten (I’m sure there is a name for this knot, but I don’t know what it is). Do this to all of your strands.

Next, take two strands that are adjacent strands from different knots and twist them once. Then, tape the twisted part down or it won’t stay.

The tape is very necessary. And this part of the process is where the other tutorials I found failed. They had a different way to knot, and with the size of my rope, it did not look good at all. If you want to try it, this is what that knot looks like:

So continue the twisting and taping around your jar, until one row is done. Then, do the next row, and then the next. Make sure you tape, or this can be frustrating.

Once you get to the bottom, make another circle out of the jute rope. You can make it small so that it is smaller than the base of your jar, or you can make it the same size. I did mine at roughly the same size, and I don’t have any strong feelings one way or another.

Then, you are going to knot the loose ends onto the circle. I don’t have a great way to show this process, but find a knot you like, and stick with it. I looped the loose ends from the outside and under the circle. Then, I put the ends through the loop made by the opposite end when you go under the circle. Then, I simple just did a single knot and pulled. I went around the circle on opposite sides so that the pull was constant (like when you change a tire).

And voila! Now, you just have to find something fun and pretty to put in your jar.

I filled mine with shower bombs.

What do you think of the finished product? Do you know if there is a better day to do this, or a knot that would make things so much easier? 

Boudoir with Your Bridesmaids

28 Apr

Photography is something I hold close to me, and while I have my strengths, I also have many weaknesses.

Like anything, photography requires practice and exposure, so often enough I find myself browsing pictures of people and things to see what I might be missing in my own photography, or how I can expand what I work with. Most recently, I’ve been perusing through a boudoir photography website, where I’ve found some very neat ideas.

One photo-set I came across was of a bride and her bridal party. While the idea of taking pictures like this with your closest friends sounds like it could be super fun, it sounds like it could be equally as awkward. Regardless of the experience, I just don’t understand what you do with the pictures after you take them. And if you don’t do anything with them, I don’t know why you would take them in the first place.

You just end up having pictures of you and your friends half-naked. And I don’t imagine you would give those to your husband.

The picture up at the top is one example that I found. It looks like it could be really fun. Yay for celebrating feminine friendships. But then you have this one:

Granted, these two ladies could be lovers, but if they aren’t…what do you do with this picture?

To check out the rest of the pictures in each session, go ahead and click on the picture.

Would you ever have a sexy boudoir photo session with your friends and/or bridesmaids? What do you do with these pictures after you take them? Naughty or nice; Natural or urban…what’s your boudoir style?

That Time I Felt Like a Hipster

26 Mar

Oh, hipsters.

I’ll be honest and say that I’m not terribly sure what qualifies you as a hipster. I kind of get it, but only kind of. If I’m “in the loop” enough, one of the qualifying factors is feeling privileged about knowing bands, fashion, or whatever is cool before it becomes popular with the masses.

So many of us do like things before they become “mainstream” and I’m no exception. Maybe I’m super trendy and am just unaware, or maybe I’m privy to fashion and decor trends before others are. I find that I struggle all the time in trying to find certain decor items or fashion items, and then the next year they are everywhere.

It gets so frustrating, not because I feel like I didn’t get credit, but because I like instant gratification for both fashion and decor.
Okay…so maybe I would like a little credit…

All I want is a white, ceramic glazed octopus for my bathroom. And a turquoise lamp shade.

Last year it was turquoise birds.

And before that, a cloche hat.

And before that, things with mustaches on them.

But no. It’s never that simple.

Does this make me a hipster, or is there another qualifying factor that I’m missing? What do you search everywhere for, but can never find, especially at an affordable price?


10 Jun

I’ve never been one to “follow” trends. That doesn’t mean what I’m wearing isn’t in style, though. It just means that I don’t like something simply because its popular.

Basically, if I like it, I wear it.

Often times I’ll find something that I really love – cloche hats, mustaches, circle skirts – but can’t find it anywhere because it isn’t “in style” or “trendy” yet. Then, I’m forced to have to wait until it is.

Other times, I’ll absolutely hate something – skinny jeans – but after I’ve thought about it and witnessed it enough, I decide that it’s not so bad, so I’ll go try to find some cute somewhere.

Point of the story:

Yesterday I was shopping for rings in Icings. I’m obsessed with bold animal rings (or really animal anything), and they usually have a good selection. As I was browsing, the sales woman comes and tells me about these things called midi rings. She said if I love rings as much as she does, I would love these.

If you haven’t heard of them, they are rings for the middle portion of your finger…so, in between the first and second knuckle (instead of between the 2nd and 3rd like rings are classically worn). See picture above.

I was instantly won over, and bought a pack. I wore one today, and I’m unsure of how I actually feel about it.

Midi rings: fashionable or fashion faux pas? Thoughts? Would you ever wear a ring in this place on your finger?

Swimsuit Season

8 Jun

I went shopping today in hopes of finding a newer, cuter swimsuit than the one that I have now. Something maybe a little more flattering.

All I found was disappointment.

Some suits had cute tops, but hideous bottoms. Other bottoms were cute, but not the right size. And then there are the tankinis that are too short, and the one-pieces that make you feel like a grandma. Cover-ups were too short, or too long, or too tight, or too opaque (really…what’s the point of even wearing a cute swim suit if you are going to cover it up?).

I’ll never understand why it’s all so difficult. Or why most cover-ups are tops, and not bottoms. If you are uncomfortable wearing a bikini top and need to cover it up, why don’t you just buy a tankini? And if you are uncomfortable wearing a one piece, how is that different than wearing a shirt? And isn’t it safe to assume that you are uncomfortable wearing what is practically underwear? That’s definitely the area I want to cover up…

All rhetorical questions (ish). And slightly cynical, for which I apologize. Long day.

How do you feel about swimsuits and swimsuit shopping? Bikini, tankini, one-piece, or other? Would you ever rather wear a one-piece instead of a bikini, but feel like you’ll be judged for it?

My First Refashion!!

5 Jun

So not only is this my first refashion, but it is my first tutorial on WordPress! How times have changed. Well, hopefully you enjoy, and will be a little inspired by me. First, I should mention where my inspiration came from. This very awesome lady can be found here. She was doing refashions each day  for a year, and I can’t even describe how awesome they were!

Second, I found this print and instantly I knew that I wanted to do a rockabilly something of sorts. This is where I drew my inspiration from:

The halter part of this just spoke to me, and matched the pattern I found exactly! So, now that that is out of the way, lets begin!

So, I found this skirt for $3.99 at Goodwill. The pattern popped out at me, and with all the fabric of a skirt, I knew it would be a good first refashion!

But, it the only color it came in is “Shapeless 90’s skirt”, and we just couldn’t have such a great pattern on such a terrible article of clothing, now could we?


So, for my first order of business, I had to cut that elastic waistband off. I’m not sure how you even wear an elastic waistband, to be honest.

I cut just below that final seam. Then, I had to cut excess fabric off. I knew I wanted to make it into a shirt, and I knew I wanted a “baby doll” similarity to it, so I measured from just under my bust, to a little further down than where I wanted it to sit. I folded the “skirt” (more like shapeless piece of cylindrically-sewn fabric) into  fourths so that I could [hopefully] cut the fabric straight, in the easiest way possible.

 Quite a lot of excess fabric to play around with. First, I needed to take in the sides of what would be the bodice of my shirt. It needed to be fitted at the top, so I put it on my home made dress form (no tutorial for that, but I have pictures to make one of you would like to see how I did it) and pinned in the sides. Then, I sewed it up and cut it off.

The next part was a little tricky, but I cut squares out of the excess fabric, put them on the dress forms boobs, and folded to make a triangle that would cover my boobs. I actually used the bottom seam of the skirt for this part, so I wouldn’t have to sew an entirely new seam. Now, it was time to tack them on and see what things were looking like.

I also used ribbon to see how high up the triangle needed to sit so that the halter part would lay flat. Another note…I didn’t want a plunging neckline, so I put the innermost part of the triangle off-center on the opposite side. I used that triangle to cut out another triangle, and sewed them on. Of course, I had to make sure they actually fit my boobs. (Pardon the cleavage)

It was at this very important step that I realized I forgot to put darts in the triangles to actually make them boob-shaped. My bad! I should have done this before I attached them to the shirt, but I forgot. Darts would have been easiest from the bottom, at least in my opinion.

Here is the dart I made. I kind of just winged it, but the fabric hides it pretty well anyway. When you make darts, make sure your seam meshes almost flawlessly with the folded edge of the fabric, or you’ll get “weird pointy boob” effect.

Then, and I apologize for not having a picture of this, I put bias tape around the entire top of the shirt (the back top seam, the side of the triangles, etc). I couldn’t find anything about 1 to 1.25 inches, so I bought the 2 inch stuff, folded it, and sewed it on both edges. And, voila!

One new shirt! It didn’t come out quit like the inspiration picture, but overall I’m happy with it. Not bad for a first-timer, though.

What do you think of my first refashion? Might you be inspired to try your own?

War on Pubic Hair? Food for Thought

3 Sep


After reading a few blogs about “war” on pubic hair, and so on last week, a few things came to mind that I’d like to present to you.

The majority of those people who don’t shave/wax their pubic hair feel that a woman who does looks prepubescent, so when they have sex its like having sex with a child. All of shaving has the same effect. Women also shave their underarms and legs, which takes us back to a prepubescent state. Leg hair only mildly exists before puberty, and underarm hair doesn’t. So why pick and choose? I think that if shaved pubes gives you that “prepubescent” feeling, so should shaved underarms and legs. All or nothing, in my opinion.

Will you stop shaving your underarms and legs, now that it is also associated with looking like a prepubescent girl? Is it going to be that much more difficult to have sex because a woman doesn’t have pubic hair, underarm hair, or leg hair?