Ditch the Texting

1 Oct

I do this every once in awhile. I decide that I want to stop texting and start using my phone the way it was intended – to talk.

I’ve never been ale to pull it off. I think it makes me too nervous, because talking on the phone makes me nervous. Actually…scratch that. Calling someone makes me nervous. There is this moment when you call someone now that you have to determine if you are calling to chat, or if you are calling for a purpose…and that moment is the moment that causes me anxiety.

I’m tired of texting. It takes forever. Its slow. Its clumsy. There are very little hellos and even fewer goodbyes. The beginnings and endings are blurred. People don’t respond.

But I can’t make the leap alone. I have a request…next time you need me, whether it is to chat or to answer a question…call me. The more you call me, the more I can call you, and the less anxiety I will have.

Are you on board? What do you like about texting? What do you dislike? What do you like and dislike about calling?

One Response to “Ditch the Texting”

  1. buddy71 October 1, 2015 at 8:23 pm #

    there is only one person that i seem to have phone conversations with. the res? text. i guess texting is easy as it can be done most any time and any where. a phone call takes a time commitment which it seems “we” dont seem to make time for. i have friends in many time zones and calling doesnt work out. so texting helps stay in contact as it can be asked and answered at any time.
    there are those i wish would talk on the phone with me, but it never seems to happen.
    i would call you.

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