The Facebook Conundrum

25 Sep

Finding someone who doesn’t have a Facebook account is rare. What isn’t rare is finding loads of rules and reminders about how to properly use Facebook.

Some of the most common things you shouldn’t post:

  • Vague “woe is me” statuses.
  • Obscure lyrics that no one will understand.
  • Humblebrags.
  • Not humblebrags (read: selfies)

There is also this new study of sorts floating around in the cyberwebs that says that we only post the happy moments and the great pictures, and we shouldn’t be jealous of other people based on Facebook. This study advises just remember that we only show our best selves on social media, so our happiness should not be trusted.

So basically, what all these rules tell me is that I can’t post…anything. Posting too many happy moments causes the picture of who I am to be inaccurate, but no one wants to see vague statuses, obscure lyrics, selfies, or humblebrags.

Fortunately, I live by my own rules most of the time, and I do all of those things. My pictures make my life look super awesome and fun (I mean, who wants to see someone crying over a tub of ice cream with a cat in their lap?), but I balance that with a healthy dose of those other taboo posts. The reason? Well, its simple. Sometimes there is absolutely no one that I can tell about how shitty my day is, or how awful traffic is, or how much I hate it all. Facebook stands there in wonderful solidarity, letting me put my woe out there so that I don’t have to have it tumble around in my brain. For often the same reason, I post lyrics. Generally only a couple of lines to a song, but music means the world to me. The lyrics I post have value to me, and either they reflect how I currently feel about life, or I think every person I know should appreciate them.

The humblebrag is something I don’t do very often, but if for once I feel pretty, or someone pays me a genuine compliment, I’m going to post about it because I need to get it out there. It’s life, and I genuinely feel like sharing that with you if you are a Facebook friend. The selfies…those, too. When I feel pretty, I’m completely okay telling you I feel pretty. There is no reason to be ashamed of that (there is such a thing as excess, though).

How do you feel about these type of Facebook posts? Which are you guilty of? How do you traverse social media to find a nice balance?


3 Responses to “The Facebook Conundrum”

  1. L September 25, 2015 at 5:27 pm #

    My thinking is if someone doesn’t like what I post they are more than welcome to unfollow or unfriend, and the same goes for me if I don’t like what someone else posts. Post what you want and to hell with arbitrary rules.

  2. buddy71 September 26, 2015 at 12:48 am #

    i dont do facebook. never have and dont ever plan to. i agree with the comment above.
    the great thing about electronic devices is you can change the channel/station and turn them off.
    we all have opinions and thoughts etc. if we all thought alike, how boring life would be. we dont have to agree, just be aware they have the right that may not be like yours.

  3. quirkyintrovert September 26, 2015 at 8:56 am #

    I am not that active on Facebook now. Most of the things people post there don’t interest me. In the past, I used to let everything out there, but because I’ve accepted friend requests from people I barely knew, I stopped being so open on it. (I have deleted most of those people or put them on lists so they won’t see most of my posts.) I currently pretty much use Facebook only to share pictures of my artwork. If someone wants to know me better, they need to read my personal blog.

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