A Letter

23 Sep

They say that when you want to say something to someone, but either can’t or shouldn’t, that you should write a letter. Well, I’m going to do just that.


Dear Too-Insecure-to-Keep-My-Nose-Out-of-Other-People’s-Business,

I wish I could say that at any point in your relationship that you had been faithful. Unfortunately, I think we all knew from the start that you weren’t interested in that. You weren’t happy, and it had nothing to do with your significant other. It has all to do with you, because you know what? You’re still lonely.

So what do you decide to do? You decided to sabotage my relationship, and then your relationship, and wear down this person you were so intently interested in to the point that there was basically no other choice than to be with you.

Newsflash: Obsession and jealousy aren’t how you start a relationship.

But, according to you, you are some sort of “expert” on relationships so I guess you knew that. That was your whole reason for paying so close attention to my business, after all.

I am very happy, however, to know that you still find my presence threatening. I’m flattered, actually. I must be fucking amazing. And don’t tell me you don’t feel that way, because you’re hundreds of miles away, and you still feel that its your place to push and push and push this person you are so intently interested in to not even be friends with me.

Well, guess what? I needed the ego boost. The great thing is that unlike you, I’ve always had this person’s best interest in mind. Oh wait…I guess that is only great for me, because that interest doesn’t include you.




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