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21 Jul

That moment when you’re in such a hurry to put your tampon in that you accidentally and very suddenly punch your vagina. So you’re just in the bathroom and you’re yelling because it hurts and you’re like “AHH” “FUCK” “DAMNIT” “HOLY BABY JESUS GOD DAMN”

And the person in the next stall is totally silent but you know they are wondering what to do. Like…should I see if she is okay in there? Should I ignore it? Should I run and pretend I wasn’t even in here? Maybe I should just pull my feet up and pretend like I don’t exist.

And then you don’t know if you should just laugh or say IT’S FINE.

So you’re both just sitting there in silence and its awkward and neither of you wants to leave first.


This awkward moment brought to you by Michelle *wink double finger point*

A Product Review I Have to Tell You About RIGHT NOW

18 Jul

Generally, my product reviews take lots and lots of time to review. Time, price, and effectiveness all come into play.

That is the first great point about what I’m bragging about today: TIME.

What the product? KABOOM Foaming Cleaner

I’m not usually one to buy thing that require cheesy infomercials to sell, because I’m a firm believe that good products usually sell themselves, but with hard water build-up on my full length glass shower doors, I was at my wits end.

I’m not very familiar with hard water, calcium, and lime build-up, but if I knew anything it was that CLR (Calcium, Lime, Rust remover) was made for the job! WRONG. After letting it set for what felt like forever, and then scrubbing like my life depended on it, I had minimal results.

So, it has probably been about a year since I’ve cleaned the shower doors.

Then, just a few days ago, I was sitting on my couch when a KABOOM commercial came on. The over-excited spokesperson told me how easy and quick it was to use, and that it removed hard water build-up. I was skeptical, but desperate.

I promptly went out and bought 2 bottles of foaming cleaner, that also changed color to tell me when I could wipe it off.  Just 10 minutes ago, I sprayed down one shower door. The stuff is harsh on the nostrils! I stepped out, washed off the can and my spray finger, and turned around and voila! The foam had changed from blue to white.

I grabbed a sponge, and wiped it down. Then, I sprayed some water on the door to give a nice rinse.

The results amazed me. I could see through the glass again!




In the first picture, look to the left of the door, and just to the right of the door frame. In the second picture, look to the left of the door frame and to the left of the door. WOW!

I did the other door, and the same result!

I will say it didn’t do much for the ring in the toilet, so I’m going to try another product later today.

But in just about a minute I had clear shower doors that didn’t require scrubbing! Heck with CLR!

Ever used this stuff? Sound off in the comments!


My Fairy Tale

3 Jul

My fairy tale isn’t filled with a Prince Charming, sweeping me off my feet unexpectedly, and galloping away on his white steed to a faraway castle living happily ever after (which includes what I’m not sure – probably 14 children and 7 mistresses, but that’s just speculation).

My Prince Charming is a little less charming and a little more socially awkward with a dash of shy and a bit of introvert. Our white steed is us walking up the road a bit to the general store to get ice cream push-pops and soda, because we forgot to go shopping [again]. My happily ever after is laughing with each other and at each other, and being goofy and spontaneous, and travelling the world together, and trying that new restaurant we’ve never eaten at, loving our pets because children are gross, and staying up late because we don’t have to get out of bed the next morning, and surprising each other with breakfast anyway. I’ll make him soup when he is sick, and he’ll rub my tummy when it’s my turn. I’ll beat him at every game we play, because he has actually won probably about half, but who is keeping score anyway?

We will be the perfect team.