For Those Of Us Missing A Dad On Father’s Day

21 Jun

Love you, Dad. Hope Mom was able to take you a Pepsi today…

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I’m giving you a virtual hug or pizza or whatever is a comfort to you, even if it’s just a temporary one.

I know, just as you do, there is no quick fix to this feeling. I can’t string together the perfect collection of words to make it better or easier. If I could, I’d be doing it always. I’d be traveling the world helping grieving children feel a little less hollow. But I don’t. Frankly, I’m not sure such a thing even exists.

All I know to say is you aren’t alone, as isolated as you may feel. Someone else out there is missing a father. Someone else out there is hating this holiday because of what it does to you.

It reminds you.

These days have a way of sneaking up. The milestones. The holidays. The aching hole that, most days, you can convince yourself…

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