Hairy Situations…

7 Jan

I couldn’t have put it better.

Orchid at Dusk

hair The picture to the right showed up in my Facebook feed yesterday. Apparently, a teacher did her student’s hair. A dear friend has a daughter with long, thick hair and she routinely comes (or came…I’m not sure since they’ve had a teacher take over since Halloween and I haven’t seen her share pictures in a bit) home with braids in her hair from the teacher and it isn’t a big deal at all. My friend thinks it’s pretty awesome and posts pictures of her daughter’s hair do’s after school. So why is this news and why does have my undies rubbing in a bad way?

Quite a lot of people have their panties bunched because the teacher was the one to take and post the photos. “If you do something, you should do it from the heart and not expect a cookie for it.” was a sentiment shared by many…

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