When Apologies Aren’t Enough

4 Jan

This. I don’t think a truer story has been written. It could be a page out of my life story. Different time. Different place. Different people. Same story.

But what she writes is true. “Sometimes, even when you’re really, truly sorry, apologies just aren’t enough. And that’s when you need to learn how to forgive yourself.”

Journey Through Bipolar

I try not to dwell too much. It’s hard, I’ll admit it, but I do my best. Sometimes it’s harder than usual, and that is the case for me lately. See, around a year ago a significant friendship I had began to dissolve. Dissolve isn’t really the right word. This friendship exploded, then plateaued, then exploded, then plateaued, then exploded for good. And sometimes apologies just don’t cut it.

A year ago my life was a disastrous mess, no two ways around that. I had come down from a manic episode and mostly worked my way through an intense depression. I wasn’t okay though. I had my best friend living with me, was trying to pick up the pieces of a damaged beyond recognition relationship and had lost my ex-husband’s trust.

One memory stands out among all the others because I feel it was the final conflict before I lost…

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