What’s Hypomania All About?

4 Jan

A good look into the varying ups and downs and in-betweens, and the impact.

Journey Through Bipolar

Hypomania. According to the dictionary, it’s: A mild form of mania, especially the phase of several mood disorders characterized by euphoria or hyperactivity. This is pretty much exactly how I experience hypomania, but it is far from a full description.

For a lot of people with BP 1 hypomania is a precursor to a manic episode. Not for all though. As I’ve said several times, everyone is different even if their diagnosis is the same. For people with BP 2 or cyclothymia, hypomania stays at hypomania and does not progress further. For me, with medication, hypomania still comes and goes frequently but no longer progresses to mania. For this I am most certainly thankful.

So what is it like to experience hypomania? Again, everyone experiences things differently, but I think I exhibit pretty classic hypomania symptoms. It starts off with everything looking just a little bit sharper, clearer. Colors are…

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