Accepting the Fight

4 Jan

That first paragraph is HUGE. Whatever you are fighting in your life, you must first accept that you must fight before you actually can.

Journey Through Bipolar

Having to both accept and fight Bipolar Disorder at the same time seems like a contradiction, doesn’t it? However, eventually everyone will realize this is exactly what you have to do. Accept that Bipolar is in your life to stay, and fight like hell every day to keep it from controlling and ruining your life. It’s a fight you’ll lose sometimes, to be sure. And to keep fighting when it feels like you’re losing, or to start fighting again once you’ve lost, is one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. Even more difficult than that, in my opinion, is accepting that you need to fight every day.

My latest visit to my pdoc has cemented it in my mind that I will most likely always have Bipolar symptoms and it is quite unlikely I will go into “remission” for any significant period of time. I may be proven wrong…

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