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The Selfie Game: Winner

6 Dec

Thanks to the [few] people who played the selfie game! I’ve posted the winner and the break-down of which pictures were selfies and which ones weren’t below.

First, as you may have expected, there was a deeper reason to me making a post riddled with pictures of myself. The reason is that the term “selfie” carries the connotation that every picture is for self-absorbed reasons for people who have no friends, and must resort to make duck-faces in the mirror (see above picture). The truth is that a good picture is a good picture. Most of the people I know don’t know how to take a portrait of someone else, and I often find myself doing things alone. I’m perfectly okay with that, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want a good picture of me doing these things. Instead of awkwardly asking a stranger to take a picture of me that will end up either accenting all the wrong features, or too blurry to make out, I just take a selfie.

Or, if there are two of us, and I want a picture with both of us in it, it is just as easy to flip the camera around and take one of both of us from a flattering angle, than to set up a timer and hope for the best.

The point: before you scoff at “selfies” think about if it is actually the self-portrait you have problems with (and why, because that’s really weird), or the fact that duck faces and mirror pictures are poor quality and not flattering.

Here is the breakdown:

Rules: Tell me if each picture IS a selfie, or is NOT a selfie.


1. Selfie (I absolutely loved this door)


2. Selfie (Went on a solo photography trip)


3. Not a selfie (however, I do have a picture like this that was a selfie – not as good as this one)


4. Selfie (LOVE this picture – some lady took a picture of me just before this, wasn’t half as good)


5. Not a selfie (llama kisses are the best kind of kisses)

Bonus: My blog picture, to the right – selfie


6. Not a selfie


7. Selfie, taken by me (not the best picture of either of us)


8. Selfie, taken by me (love this picture BECAUSE its not the best of either of us)


9. Selfie, taken by me (GO RAMS!)


10. Not a selfie (nor was it taken by the other girl)


11. Not a selfie (one of the best pictures someone else has taken of me, ever)


12. Not a selfie


13. Not a selfie


14. Not a selfie (I was also in this picture to her right, and it was me who took the picture)

And the winner is…..


Thanks for playing everyone! Amy (who only missed ONE) will receive a $10 Amazon gift card, as well as a home-made purse organizer to keep all of her necessities sorted and on hand whenever she needs them!

Precautions to take when looking for a room to rent

6 Dec

Musings of a Quirky Introvert

Everything I’m writing here is based on my own experience and, to the best of my knowledge, is true. Throughout this ordeal I’ve had people tell me “life’s lessons are costly,” so I want to share what I have learned with as many people as possible, for free.


In September 2013 I was in desperate need of housing so I replied to an ad for a room on Craigslist. The next evening I went to the apartment to look at the room. The tenant who posted the ad went by Pauline. She told me that there were many people looking at the room, and she can’t save it for me unless she gets a deposit. As I left, she told me to “take your time” to decide if I wanted to rent it. Two days later I returned to sign the rental contract with her, and paid her a…

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When “Alone” Doesn’t Begin to Cover It: Being the “Balanced” One

2 Dec

Over Thanksgiving, I was once again reminded of my role in the family: the balanced one. I don’t know how I got stuck with that title, but it appears I have no choice. My sister and my mother can’t seem to stand each other. One owes the other, and one can’t see that she’ll never be repaid. They are both anxious and nervous, and can’t seem to talk to one another even on the eve of my fathers death.

So Mom comes to me to cry about everything because my sister isn’t talking to her. My sister comes to me to cry about everything because she isn’t talking to my mom. No one seems to be able to remain calm but me.


Being the balanced one means I don’t get a lot of time to be unbalanced, which sometimes I so desperately need. I have to be balanced, because if I become unhinged like everyone else, the world plummets into chaos. And I can’t handle chaos.

It’s lonely when you’re balanced.

My mother told me something on the phone the other day that I just can’t seem to shake. I know it’s true, and I know that means I’ll be alone. She told me, when talking about the grief counselor that hospice sends over once a week, that herself, my sister, and I will each need someone to be our rock on that day, and that my mom doesn’t think she will be able to do it.

I haven’t heard such a truthful statement.

And on that day, I will be the loneliest, most alone person on the planet. My mom has the grief counselor, my sister has her husband, and me…well…

I have no one.

But I’m the balanced one. And the balanced one must remain balanced, so naturally I will use logic to assess my emotions, that my emotions are valid, that death is necessary and predictable, and that having no one is a result of being balanced. Because only the balanced one can be okay without someone else to balance for them.

And on that day, I fear nothing more than my entire family becoming unhinged and estranged from one another, simply because the person who made the balanced person balance, is gone.


5 Day Black & White Challenge: Day 4

2 Dec

Black white day 5

Aside 2 Dec

That moment all you want to say is “I’m busy hemorrhaging from my vagina right now, go away!!!”

The Numbers of Finding “The One”

1 Dec

Out of a whim, and the fact that I am so over being single, I decided to look up the average number of men a woman dates before finding “the one”. And let’s face it – dating sucks! At least, from my perspective. I don’t like meeting new people, I don’t like feeling rejected, and I don’t like being vulnerable.

The number: not so simple.

The numbers I found all seem to be referencing the same study, done in the UK. But they break the numbers down, so it isn’t necessarily an even “10 people”. This is what that looks like:

  • Kisses with 15 men.
  • Two long-term relationships.
  • Heartbreak, twice.
  • Seven dates, plus two blind dates and two dates with someone from the Internet.
  • Four disaster dates.
  • Being stood up once.
  • One live-in relationship.
  • Four one-night stands.
  • Seven sexual partners.

Soooooo…apparently I’m lacking. If I take my first kiss, which happened 8 years ago…and we just go off of kisses…it’s going to be 12 years before I get married.

Good thing life doesn’t happen so precisely.

My list looks a little more like this:

  • Kissed 6 men.
  • Two long-term relationships.
  • Heartbreak…umm…like…my heart hurts? Twice? 3 Times? Like…I was in a relationship and we broke up and I was devastated? Once. Like…I liked someone or was in a relationship with someone and got rejected and felt sad? Who even knows.
  • Umm…2 dates? Maybe? Neither of them might have counted… plus one blind dates, which I also don’t know if it was a date…and…I dated someone from a book…not the internet, though. But that was the same guy as the blind date…I guess…
  • No disaster dates, unless you count on being on a bus or in a car with a stranger a date…
  • Been stood up [almost] once.
  • One live-in relationship, I think? Does living together, then starting to date count? It wasn’t really planned…
  • One, one night stand.
  • Zero sexual partners? Are we talking sexually intimate, or are we talked full on ‘he put his penis in my vagina’ sexual partners?

Sounds like I’m a little behind. Hopefully not 12 years behind, and hopefully I don’t have to kiss another 9 men, have 3 more one-night stands, OR have seven more sexual partners before I meet my husband.

That sounds like a lot of work. Too much work.

How do your numbers compare? What were your numbers like (if you’re already married)? Do you think there could be statistically significant differences between the UK and the US?