The Connection

15 Dec

As humans, we are constantly searching for that connection with another that makes us feel whole. That “special” connection.

Me? I’m just out for a connection. A real, true, deep connection with someone.

I don’t think many people pass through our lives with whom we find that connection with. It’s almost like being drawn to someone, for reasons you can’t explain. It’s more than butterflies, more than a heart-to-heart chat. I think I’ve been lucky enough to have the connection with a handful of people, and it is most unfortunate when those people live nowhere near you.

I have a couple of folks who read my blogs, a lovely miss April and dashing sir Daniel, whom for reasons unbeknownst to me, I’m drawn to. It feels like we should be fighting the good fight together. Alas, we live in vastly different parts of the country. I can’t even say that we talk a whole lot…I read their stuff, they read my stuff. But it’s there. Something. Not sure why I feel drawn to them, but I do.

It is these kinds of connections I think we all are in search of. Something that surpasses speech and discussion. I can only liken it to an unspoken connection of the soul.

I think there are others. Other friends, lovers, strangers. Sometimes I think our consciousness drowns out these connections, as our logic and reasoning can do amazing things.

Have you found your connection?


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