Facebook Friends: The Breakdown

13 Dec

I went through my Facebook friends when I realized I have 257. That is way too many. I reach a point, though, when I can’t decide who I should or should not keep on the list.

I also thought it would be nice if I made it a point to actually interact offline with everyone on my friends list. I realized that was a little difficult, because honestly, I have no desire to be friends with so many of my Facebook friends.

I broke down the numbers into categories, which I’m sure you can all relate to. It’s interesting to see how many folks are in each category.

First of all, I categorized people by how I know people who are on my Facebook, with no regard to if it is a desirable reason. Here is what that looks like:

Family – 55
We Work Together – ll
We Went to College Together – 29
We Used to Work Together – 28
We Are Both from the Same Town/High School – 95
The Internet – 11
You Know Someone I Know – 19

Then, I broke it down even more, and categorized people by why. It makes me feel like I have a LOT of deleting to do. Here is what that looks like:

People I’m Good Friends With – 15
People I’m Friends With – 11
People I’m Acquaintances With, But Would Like to be Good Friends With – 15
People I WAS Acquaintances With, But We Never Became Good Friends, and I Will Likely Never See or Talk to Them Again – 37
People in the Right Place/Right Time or Who I Have Friends in Common With – 11
Family – 54
People I Work With or People I’ve Spoken to a Few Times and It Might Be Awkward if I Delete Them and See Them in the Future – 18
Internet People (Regardless of How Well I Do or Do Not Know) – 11
People I Was Okay Friends with in High School, but We Aren’t Now – 34
Random People from High School Who Just Added Me – 39

The categories in bold are those that are safe from being deleted. Of course, things change and their categories will change. People from the ‘acquaintances’ category often move down into ‘likely to never see or talk to again’ because we never made it past acquaintances. Family is a give or take…I’m unlikely to delete them, but if they consistently post things I don’t like to see, I will remove them from my feed (frequent pot posts are a big one, here). Random people from high school should probably be the quickest to delete. We weren’t friends then, you are never going to ask me to hang out, and thus…why are we Facebook friends?

The ‘was acquaintances’ is a toss up, too. That is really a transition category to ‘awkward if I delete you’. I have to wait a grace period to see if I will actually ever see them in the future, or not.

So 41 people are safe. Plus 34 because I will probably see those people when I go home, and we will make small talk and enjoy ourselves but not keep in touch otherwise…that makes 75. Add family, because…family. That is 129 people. For funsies because the only way to keep in touch with internet people is the internet, that gives us 140 people. That is 117 people up in the air. We know I won’t delete them all. I might delete like…5.

And that isn’t to say that I dislike 117 people of 257. It just means that 117 people probably don’t have enough of an interest in me to hang out and be friends, or vice versa. To be perfectly honest, I’m sure most of the 117 people I actually do like, but for whatever reason, our friendship will never blossom. It shouldn’t matter to you what category you’re in, either. Either you really like me and make attempts to show me that, or you don’t. And if you don’t, then why are we Facebook friends again?

Isn’t it interesting the break down of why people are actually on your Facebook, and how you met them? How many Facebook friends do you have, and how do you think your numbers break down?

8 Responses to “Facebook Friends: The Breakdown”

  1. autumnstrength at 2:11 pm #

    I’m friends with 25 people – 3 people I know in person, and the rest are people from WordPress I’ve never met, fake profiles of TV characters, and people I friend requested for fun because they have the same full name as me!

    • mishie1 at 2:28 pm #

      I often consider getting rid of my Facebook, and “socializing” solely through WordPress.

  2. thecuriousbum at 4:21 pm #

    Basically I don’t need it, but I keep it to see what other people are up to, also a few people worth talking to now and then (and I don’t have a phone). And most of those people are/were bloggers.

  3. quirkyintrovert at 5:15 pm #

    When I first started using Facebook, my attitude was to try to amass as many friends as possible, since it looked pathetic to only have a few. I didn’t join Facebook until two years after the rest of my high school class did because that was back when you needed a .edu email address to join, and I was at a community college at the time and didn’t have a .edu email account. That meant that I missed the friending frenzy that all of my high school class went through.

    At it’s most, I might have had about 120 friends, but two years ago I decided to cut down my list, and it’s currently at 98. I only removed the people that I didn’t really interact with much in person and were likely to never interact with. That includes people who were in my high school class but we weren’t actually friends, and people whom I’ve only met once (they sent me the request). I kept some people because I hoped we could develop more of a friendship, but it’s not likely to happen.

    • mishie1 at 5:18 pm #

      One woman I’m friends with I danced with at my friends wedding. She spanked me, then added me on Facebook. She seems like a really cool person…but I doubt I will ever see her again. She is one of those difficult cases.

      • quirkyintrovert at 5:20 pm #

        Yeah, I kept someone that I didn’t really know and wasn’t likely to interact with on the list just because she posted neat things.

  4. buddy71 at 5:28 pm #

    even more reason why i dont do facebook

  5. M at 6:10 pm #

    I’ve got 403 “friends”… this interests me though I’ll run the breakdown at some point and share.

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